#159: Healthy Profit University vs. HPU Fast Track (What’s the Difference?)

HPU is Michelle’s program for health coaches who want to create a sustainable, profitable business. But what’s the difference between HPU and HPU’s Fast Track Semester? (We get this question a lot!) Tune in to hear the breakdown and add your name to the waitlist for Fall 2021 at: https://healthcoachpower.com/waitlist

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Hello health coaches. Today is for those of you who know that you need some assistance building your business. Heck who doesn't? And, you've been eyeing, healthy profit university, which is the program that I created quite a few years ago now, helping health coaches around the world to create profitable businesses. So we get lots of questions about this program, especially asking the difference between our standard healthy profit university membership and our very special two times a year only healthy profit university fast-track semester. So if you're here live and you've got questions and you are in the right place. I will warn you; I am live streaming to both our Facebook group and Instagram at the same time, I may or may not see all your comments as they come in ‘cause I have to look in two different places, but I'm going to do my darndest.

So let me know if this is something that's been on your mind. If you are a member of either our HPU standard program or the fast-track semester, we welcome your input as well. So today we're going to talk about the difference between these two options and it's all so very timely because our fall 2021 fast-track semester, will be opening for enrollment in late September. And as of today, we have opened the wait list for those of you who are just burning to get in. So listen, there's no obligation when you join the wait list. Doesn't mean you're signing up for anything. You're just going to go over to healthcoachpower.com/waitlist, add your name. And this will guarantee that you get access to the very best bonus package possible. It's like, if you're going to do it anyway, you might as well get all the bonuses.

So again, that's healthcoachpower.com/waitlist. If this is something that you already know that you're interested in doing, maybe you've checked it out in the past. I'm talking to you today. Maybe you've seen some of our, of our HPU members thriving in the community. Now's your time to add your name to the wait list. And we'll just keep you on the list until we have more information about enrollment, right? We have all the details coming over the next few weeks and we'll be in touch as enrollment gets closer. So that's, if you know, you want to participate in this fall's healthy profit university semester, but what if you're not sure maybe the standard membership would better fit your needs? So, let's kind of talk about your different options here.

I was actually just talking to Sean earlier today. Sean is in South Africa. So Sean, if you're watching, I think you're still awake. Yes. The time difference. Isn't too much. You can back up everything that I say today. Cause I just had this conversation with you over zoom just a couple hours ago. How do you decide? HPU standard membership or the fast track? Let me first explain how two options are the same because there are some similarities. They have a lot in common. It's the same basic program. So, what I want you to know is that either way that you go with this, every healthy profit university member is going to go through the same basic curriculum. That's because I know that every health coach basically needs the same stuff to get started. I know because I've gone through it myself and I have led hundreds of health coaches through the same process. I designed this program to help you build a profitable business that you can start earning with right away.

So everyone's going to go through that same basic curriculum. The other important thing to know is that with either option HPU is designed to give coaches what you need at a tiny, tiny, teeny, tiny fraction of what private business coaching would cost. We help you define your business model, build an audience and learn to sell without feeling icky or salesy because nobody wants that. And we do it without requiring you to spend a ton of money or any money at all on Facebook ads or fancy tools. I'm always encouraging our students to not run ads. I'm sure anybody who's here that was part of HPU has heard me say that don't spend money on ads in the beginning, don't buy any fancy tools. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars a month into different software. It's not needed. Everything we use is free or very, very low cost.

I learned, I learned like, again, I've been doing this for so long through the years, I noticed that I was doing very expensive private sessions for health coaches who needed help. Right? Years ago, I used to do this. This is before I built HPU and all of our coaches need and needed us as similar set of skills, right? They're just certain skills that you don't have coming out of health coaching school. So HPU is one part skill-building. We have lessons, we have tutorials, we have tech walk-throughs, like the basic technology that you need. We're going to help you get set up step-by-step for that. Um, the other thing that I noticed is that as coaches, we also need shortcuts. Like anyone I know I do. I'm a parent. I have two businesses. I'm a single parent. I have two little kids, right? Like, maybe you're working another job, whatever it is, we need shortcuts where we can get them.

So part of HPU includes templates, swipe, copy, things that you can grab and tweak and use without having to start with a blank screen right on to start from scratch. And then finally, I know that health coaches need someone to talk to. So we're often working alone, which is why doing lives like this is so nice. Cause we do get to gather at least virtually, but we don't have a group of peers to gather around the water cooler. Right? I miss that so much when I became a health coach. So both versions of HPU include monthly live group with me. Uh, those are held on zoom and bustling Facebook group that I'm always in. So anyway, this is how our two HQ options are similar. In both cases, you get lifetime access to all lessons and all materials. So, you can always refer back.

We don't kick you out of the program. It's not like that. So now let's talk about what makes the membership two membership options different, cause there are some very big distinctions. The standard HPU membership, the biggest thing to know about that it's available year round. So that means you can start today. You know, you can start anytime like Sean, who I was talking to earlier down in South Africa, Sean was ready to get started today, just graduated from primal health coach Institute and is like, I'm going to get my business going. So I'm like, yeah, you can do that. Like any day of the year, you can get started with the standard membership to healthy profit university. You can move through the program at your own pace. That's, what's beautiful about it. Now with the fast-track semester, we do it a little bit differently and we only do it two times a year.

So this is where the big difference really comes into play. When you join the fast track semester, you're going to be part of a group that's moving together through the curriculum at approximately the same pace. And this means you got a whole other level of accountability, right? You've got a group, that's all doing the same thing at the same time. It can be fun to work that way. It can be motivating to work that way. And we call it a semester because the fast track curriculum is paced out over 90 days. That's the semester left. So you'll get through the program and you're going to get up and running fast. Hence the name fast track. Right? Makes sense. So if you want your business to be up and running like yesterday, I think this is the best option for you. If you thrive in a group environment, if you've been missing working with peers again, I think this is the best option for you.

And most of all, if you're ready to start, when fast-track starts, the timing has to work out again. We are going to be starting. The fall track program. Enrollment will be the end of September. Classes are going to start at the beginning of October. If that works for you, put yourself on the wait list. It's healthcoachpower.com/waitlist. Awesome. Now again with either option, you're going to get lifetime access. Life happens. We've had fast-track members go in with the best of intentions and then suddenly something happens. You know, family issues, there's a health crisis, there's a global pandemic, you know, who knows? So it's not like you get locked out of the program after 90 days. It just means that for 90 days, the whole group is moving together and getting through the whole curriculum. At the same time, you still have access afterwards.

Always, always, always now a major, major difference with fast track is not just that 90 day window, but within track, we have an expanded curriculum. It's an incredible bonus package that we put together. Like, I love it. It's a little bit different every time that we do it. But just to give you an idea, we always have more topics that we cover more tutorials, more advanced learning. Now for the past year, maybe year and a half or so, um, I've been leading our fast trackers through running the very first five day challenge. In fact, this past... In the spring or spring fast trackers, I lead my own five-day challenge at the very same time that they did. We were literally all doing it at the same time. Now that's not included with the standard HPU curriculum. This is part of the expanded curriculum that comes with fast-track.

Um, we've had bonus coaching skills practice. We've had bonus virtual weekend retreats. We do all kinds of fun stuff. And the real kicker. I mean like the main thing that in my mind differentiates the fast-track semester from HPU standard membership is with fast track, we do live weekly calls. I'm holding a live zoom call with you. We're all looking at each other, talking to each other in real time. And we do that every week during our 90 days together. And this way, like we really get to know each other. I get to know my fast trackers very well. I'm looking at your work. I'm able to give feedback in real time and make suggestions help you get through the curriculum better, faster, more effectively. I'm a very hands-on with the fast track group is what I'm trying to say. A lot of our students will say they never expected so much personal attention from what is a group program.

And you know, again, not paying the cost of what you would pay or expect to pay for private business coaching. So to me, this is like the juiciest part. This is like where the love is for me when I really get to work with you hands on. And then we're all sad at the end when it's our last meeting together, it's our last weekly call, but fast trackers still go on to attend our monthly live calls, um, which are for all HPU members and of course lifetime access to our Facebook group. So it's not like, you know, when it's over, it's over, we stay in touch for sure. So first of all, if you have any questions about the difference between our HPU standard membership and the fast-track semester, you can definitely leave a comment here. You can leave a comment inside of our Health Coach power community Facebook group, or you can email us at support@healthcoachpower.com.

Who is this for though? Like who should think about putting their name on the wait list for this false fast-track semester? Again, that waitlist is available as of today. Um, I wanted to kind of break it down by the types of students that I see enrolling. We have a lot of brand new coaches in the program, you know, like Shawn, who I talked to earlier today, someone who just graduated from their health coaching school and they're like, okay, I'm ready to make this happen. We have coaches from around the world and all different health coach certification programs. So, we have IIN, HCI, Dr. Sears, FDN, Primal health coach Institute, ACE, it goes on and on. The list goes on. There's some members of HPU do join while they're still in school. So, if you're already enrolled in a program, but you want to get your business like going sooner than later, or as soon as you get that certification, you want to be like ping, off and running.

You can do that. I have no problem with current students enrolling in the fast-track program. I usually advise doing this only though if you have the availability in your schedule, right? Cause you're, you're taking on quite a bit of work. Then if you're in school and you're in a program to, to build your business, um, but if you have the capability to do both of those and you're really looking to get going quickly, it's all good. And we also have coaches who've been practicing for years, two years, three years. I think we have someone in the program, uh, this past time around she'd been practicing for about, uh, 10 years and the problem in a lot of these cases, if you're not there yet, maybe one day you will be, but I just want to give you like a glimpse into the future. Sometimes you build a business and you're helping people and you're making some money and it feels pretty good, but it's not happening in an efficient way.

And when that is your realization, then you know that you need stronger systems in place. A lot of these coaches typically feel, and this is how I felt years ago. Like I'm doing a good job in one sense that I have a successful business to a degree, but why do I feel like I'm running in circles all the time? I'm just doing too much work and I'm not making the progress that I'm hoping for. So if that's you, even if you've been coaching for a while, our HPU fast-track semester could be an amazing way to refine the systems in your business and get you where you want to be. And then some of our fast trackers are already HPU members. So let's say that you joined HPU with a standard membership and we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of members. You can always upgrade to the fast-track semester and I offer a substantial discount for anybody who wants to upgrade.

So maybe you joined HPU and you started off slow, and now you want to pick up the pace. Maybe you just really, really want the bonus package that we're going to be offering at the end of September, either way, HPU members can always upgrade or repeat fast-track with a discount. And I noticed that when you guys do that, you make amazing progress. In any case, the coaches that join HPU in general are coaches who want a similar business to my health coaching practice. Like I teach what I know I teach what I actually do, what I have been doing for 12 years. So if you want to work primarily, let's say in a corporate setting, or you want to work within a doctor's private practice. This may not be the course for you, but if you want to run your own independent practice, if you want to maybe do some events, maybe meet with clients in person here and there, but primarily have an online business.

HPU is a good fit for that. I have had a fully online business for over a decade. And let me tell you that was a godsend when COVID hit. So I've been doing a long time and I can show you the ropes for sure. Okay. My two second summary, are you ready if you're still confused between the difference of the two versions of HPU standard membership is designed to do any time to start any day of the year and to be done on your own schedule at your own pace. The fast-track semester includes everything that you would get with the standard membership, but with a live-lead group, moving through it all together, we have weekly live calls and expanded curriculum and a crazy awesome bonus package. And the wait list is open now for this fall as FastTrack semester, if you go to healthcoachpower.com/waitlist, get yourself on there now to ensure priority access to the program. As in you'll be able to join first, get those first spots and waitlist exclusive bonuses. You'll learn more about it when you go to that URL.

And again, if you have any questions about HQ standard membership or the fast track semester, you can ask them inside of our Facebook group, go to healthcoachpowercommunity.com, shoot me a DM or an email. Um, it's also, if you, if you go to our Facebook group, it's a perfect place to ask for feedback and reviews and just want to hear from other coaches who've done the program. Feel free to post something like that in there so that you can hear from actual health coaches. who've gone through our fast track program in the past. I'm excited you guys, we've got about a month before the rubber is really going to meet the road and we get enrollment underway. So, things are heating up over here. I wanted to give you a heads up about it and I can't wait to see you this fall. Have a great week. Everybody I'll be back next time.