#161: 3 Things Successful Health Coaches Have In Common

What do you think all successful health coaches have in common? Hint: It has nothing to do with their credentials. Join Michelle as she pulls back the curtain on real-life success stories and shares the magic that makes it happen. And join the waitlist for the Fall 2021 HPU Fast Track Semester at http://HealthCoachPower.com/waitlist

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Hello health coaches! This is a topic I have talked about before, but it's been a little while. In fact, I can't believe how long it's been. So I want to do a little update today and reintroduce this idea that all successful health coaches have certain things in common. And this is really worth looking at. I have seen these trends, these patterns, because I am a health coach with my own successful business, 12 years in this industry. I also have a lot of health coach friends, and I've known them for a long time. Maybe over a decade. I've seen their businesses grow. I've seen their ups and downs have spoken with them along the way. And in addition to that, I've also mentored over a thousand health coaches in my course, healthy profit university, where I get to work with coaches that are perhaps stalled. Perhaps stalled at the start, right? Never quite got off the ground and watch them bloom and soar and become profitable and do amazing things.

So, if you're here, live as we're recording, please say hello in the comments, I can see a whole bunch of you here over on Instagram and on Facebook. And it is a pleasure to be here with you, by the way, I want to let you know that this fall's Healthy Profit University Fast Track semester. We now have the wait list open for that, and you can add your name for free, and there's no obligation, but being there means that you will get the best possible bonus package. When enrollment opens in September. If you decide to join us, you can add your name to the waitlist at healthcoachpower.com/waitlist.

Hi, Heather. I see that Heather's here. Oh my goodness. I have to get my Facebook stream rolling over here so that I can see all the comments as they come in too.

All right. So what are these patterns? What are these things that you should be aware of? If you want to be a successful health coach and you're looking out there and others in the industry, I am going to tell you, I'm going to start with this one health coaches that are successful, do the thing. They do the thing, even when it is scary. And, oh my gosh, it's scary. A lot of the time, I think I spent the first five years of my business, mostly being terrified. There was just a lot of that. So I'm going to tell you a couple of stories, stories about that. Um, the first one that came to mind when I was thinking about this idea of doing the thing, even though it's scary, and if you're a graduate, like I am from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, you may have heard this.

The saying says, feel the fear and do it anyway. Or maybe you've heard that other places, even if you're not a graduate from IIN, but in any case, this is that idea. You know, being able to both hold fear in one hand and action in the other and have them. Co-exist like, there's a real magic in that. So I'm thinking right now of Maryland and Maryland was one of our fast track members about a year or two ago. And I suggested as I always do to our fast trackers, that they find some podcasts to get booked on. And you know, we walk everybody through that and how to do it, but still, I know it is very scary if you've never been a guest on a podcast to even imagine yourself suddenly being on the air recorded. Oh my gosh, what if I stumble over my words or worse yet?

What if I reach out to somebody and they don't want me on their podcast and fear of rejection here, here, here, here, here, all over the place. Well, Marilyn went out and did the thing anyway, exactly the way that I had laid out. I said, go find podcasts that have listeners that you want to be health coach for. You want your potential clients to be the ones listening. And so that's what she did. And she found perfect podcasts and she got herself booked, even though she was a brand new coach, can you believe that you can get on podcasts? People will book you as a guest, even if you're just starting out. So I never want to hear that excuse from anyone because Marilyn and many others have proven that it is possible. Anyway, Marilyn was on some of the biggest podcasts in her niche, which is amazing.

And she had clients sign with her that would drive hours back and forth to meet with her. She had clients coming to her, asking to work with her even months, even a year after the podcast had aired. So what I'm trying to say to you is because she was able to do that thing where you hold fear in one hand and action in the other and you make it work. It paid off so big time for her.

Here's a personal story, same idea. And again, sort of about being broadcasting on the air, but that is a total coincidence. How many years ago was this? Maybe five years ago, you know, my good friends, Lisa Lewtan and Andrea Beaman approached me and they said, we want to do a live radio show. Will you be on this live radio show with us? And I was like, wow, that sounds really fun.

It really appealed to me and yet, oh my gosh, I was so afraid because I had never done live radio before. I've done plenty of, you know, being on camera, things that were going to be edited. But at the time I wasn't really doing that much live stuff. So that part was scary. Also the idea of collaborating with two other people on such a big project and how to make that work. That was also scary. So this kind of goes hand in hand with the idea of feel the fear and do it anyway is do the thing. Even if you don't know how, like figure it out, if you can practice figuring things out, your business is going to thrive, because I can't tell you how many times, I've just literally not known what I'm doing at all. And you just kind do it anyway and figure it out as you go. Case in point, like recording these episodes to both... It's while I'm broadcasting to both Instagram and Facebook and we're recording it, like this is new, this is a new setup.

And I'm never quite sure, like, should I put my camera up there? I got my other camera down here. It's new, it's different. And I don't think I'm doing it perfectly, but I'm just doing it anyway. And I'm kind of figuring it out as I go along. So thank you for being on the journey with me, but for real, like, this is how you find success. This is how you become a master of whatever it is that you do is you don't really know how in the beginning and you figure it out bit by bit and you don't let that keep you from starting. You can figure everything out. If you really can't figure something out in your business, you figure out who can help you, who can figure it out with you or for you. That's the secret. Yeah. All right. Give me a thumbs up.

Or like, or, you know, whatever, something I'm going to an emoji in the comments. And so far you think you can do this. You can be scared. You can not quite know how to do something and you can still move forward. Ooh. Cause right there that separates the what's that thing. The wheat from the something, the cream from the milk, right? Yeah. This is what separates those who are going to go the distance from those that are going to get stuck at the starting gate. Right. All right. Good. I'm seeing some hearts coming in. Thank you, guys.

All right. Let's move on to the second thing that I've noticed about health coaches who really do go the distance inside your business. There's going to be lots of different times that you think about or are asked to invest in yourself and in your business. And what I find is that, gosh, there's a lot of different ways that you can go as a health coach, right?

There's lots of different paths that we can walk on. If you can find the ones that feel good and invest your time and energy and your resources into those paths, it is worth that investment like trying to do everything on your own is hard. Trying to do things that are not allowed aligned with your values is awful. But if you can find mentors, you can find a path that really sits well with you and you can invest yourself there. You will go farther, faster. So I know when I was starting out as a coach, like all of you, I was like, I don't know what I'm doing. Like, I literally don't know what I'm doing. I wake up in the morning and I try to work. I don't know if I'm getting anywhere. I was kind of all over the place. And yet, uh, at the, at the time there really wasn't that much help out there for health coaches 12 years ago, it was a totally different world.

So every now and then I would come across something or someone saying that they could help me with my online business or they could, you know, build my social media or whatever the heck we were doing back then. I don't even remember. And a lot of times I got an icky feeling about it. I was like, ah, I don't like this person. Or I don't like the way they're talking to me. Or I don't like the way that they're portraying, like this idea. Like I want to make all this money, greedy, greedy, greedy, you know, it just, there there's a lot of different personalities in the industry and they weren't sitting well with me. So, I went at it alone for many years, without any guidance without anybody showing me the way I put my, my path as a health coach, basically looked like this around, around, around in circles over many years.

And I very, very slowly figured things out on my own. Going back to point number one, if you don't know what you're doing, you can move forward and figure it out. Anyway, in this case, that's exactly what I did. It just took a very long time. And so finally I got a personal referral to a business coach and I was very leery about this. I was like, I don't know. I don't really know that I want to hire a business coach because they're just going to tell me to be salesy. And I have to do like weird pricing tactics and just all sorts of things that I did not want any part of. But as luck would have it, the name that I received was for this woman, Lara. And when I spoke with her, I was like, oh yeah, like this woman gets me, you know?

And it was just like a divine intervention of some kind that I was able to connect with somebody in the industry who understood what I was doing. They understood where I was coming from. They understood what my boundaries were, how I wanted to exist, you know, as a coach. And it was such a worthwhile investment. And I said, yeah, I'm going to work with this person to this day. I mean, this is going back years and years and years now to this day, I can remember very clearly a piece of advice that she gave me during one or two of our calls. And at the time I, I pretty much ignored the advice, but it stuck in my head. And over the course of many years that followed that one piece of advice has earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars. And I am forever grateful for that connection.

So that's an example of knowing when I saw something, no, that's not right for me. I don't want to do that. No, I don't want to get involved with selling that, you know, brand of vitamins. Like there were lots of things I said no to, this is something I said yes to, because like my gut said, yeah, like this person gets me totally worth it. I'm going to give you another example from someone else's business, instead of just talking about mine. So Danielle was one of our healthy profit university members. She did fast track a year ago and Danielle is a scientist, right? Like she comes to health coaching with a very keen awareness of the science behind nutrition. And she's very good at what she does, but in her own words, you know, she has no marketing skills whatsoever. It's just really outside of her wheelhouse today.

Danielle has a full practice. She has over 100,000 social media followers. In fact, I just looked and she's up to 119,900 as of just now, which is incredible for a woman who had no idea how to put herself out there, how to have a message that people were going to resonate with and then how to turn that attention into paying clients. But that's, that's what we do inside of healthy profit university. She took it, she ran with it and it is working. The cool thing about this was that again, Danielle's coming to marketing live. Uh, I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing. You know what, I'm sure she looked at different programs that she heard different opinions on how you should go ahead and market your health coaching business. But she knew that this was the right place for her. And she tried lots of different tactics for putting herself out there.

All of my HPU members do. Like I told you about Maryland. She did really well with the podcast. Danielle did really well when she got herself on Tik TOK of all things. Right. And that just, it just worked for her. The woman likes to dance. She's good on camera. What can I say? Right. So you find something that works for you and double down on it. And I think that's what Danielle really did. She took the strategy. She found a tactic that really worked for her double down on it. And it is working so high fives all around. What about you guys? Are there things that you're coming across that you're like, oh, I don't know about that. Yeah. Maybe I should join this team or I should apply for this position. Or maybe I should do this marketing strategy. Right? Like things are kind of feel like maybe like I would encourage you to really let your gut lead you.

What resonates, what aligns with your values, because that's going to get you where you want to go enough set on that. Right? Like you can't do everything from business from your gut, but I think this is an area where you should, Alrighty. I have one more big area to talk about. And I'm a little bit worried that it might be a little too much tough love, but you guys know, I love you. You know, I am coming from a place of wanting you to succeed. And I think it is so important that health coaches succeed because, ah, I mean, gosh, just in my own personal life recently, I've been noticing and it must just be my age. Right. But I'm noticing more and more, especially like parents of my kids, friends, or just, you know, people in my, in my local circle here, more and more people are talking about that prediabetes diagnosis, more and more people are talking about that thyroid diagnosis.

Right? And it's like, I'm just watching it happen everywhere going like, but I have so many health coaches for you. And I want to take each one of you that I'm connecting with in most cases virtually and like bring you here and introduce you to my neighbor because she needs you and introduce you to my son's soccer coach because he needs you. Right? We are, we're needed. Like I need you guys to succeed. I don't just, you know, I'm not just cheering you on. Like, I, I really feel like it's important that all health coaches make the ripple effect that we are intending to make because the world needs us so very much. Okay. So with that in mind, a little bit of tough love here, but successful health coaches, here's what I've noticed. You can't let life get in the way. And I hear that phrase a lot.

I'll say, Hey, you're doing great things in your coaching business. Last time we talked, how's it going? And a coach will go, well, life kind of got in the way. All right. On one hand, I totally understand. And I get it. It's been a weird year, year and a half with COVID. There's been a lot of life to get in a lot of ways, but I'm going to encourage you to think about, think about professionals that you know, like friends of yours, or maybe professionals that you hire in your own life. I'm thinking about, you know, my lawyer, I'm thinking about my accountant, my primary care physician. Right? Do you ever notice anybody in a career like that being like, yeah, life's kind of got in the way haven't been working much. No. And this isn't to say that we should push ourselves to the Nth degree, like lawyers do you know, working around the clock, like maybe doctors are doing it.

Like, I'm not saying that we got into health coaching, many of us, because we wanted a more flexible career, right? Me too. I want to be here tomorrow. And my kids get on the school bus for the first time this year. And also when they come home, however, you can't let life stop. You, you have to keep your business a priority. If you want the business to grow in the course of my health coaching career, I can relate to so many of you who have things going on in your life. I moved, I have moved seven times since starting my health coaching business. I have lived in 1, 2, 3, 4 different cities, right? It's been a lot in that same period of time. I had two babies in that same period of time. I went through an ugly divorce. I mean, life has happened. Yeah. Plenty of life has happened.

And you maybe things slowed down a little bit. And the worst part or the hardest part of each of those transitions, but they all could have been an excuse for me to walk away or to let it drop for so many months that it was hard to come back to my coaching practice. But my business always remained a priority. And that's what I see with successful coaches. We take our businesses just as seriously as any other professional takes theirs. We don't just walk away. When life happens. We show up consistently year after year after year. And that reminds me of Rachel, who is one of our HPU members from years ago. Now she was one of our early members. And Rachel had two little kids at home. They're older now, but they were like toddlers at the time. And she easily could have let life get in the way.

How many of us, I, I know I was, working as a health coach or trying to work part time, full time. And we had little kids in the house that maybe don't even go to preschool yet. And we don't have childcare. Like it's a lot to do all at once. But instead of saying, now's not the time or, oh, my kid got sick or, oh, now this other thing happened, right. Instead Rachel gets serious about her health coaching business. She built her income up to five figure months. I watched this happen. It was amazing. And I will be damned if I don't see Rachel to this day, she'd be on Instagram every day, week in, week out for years now, talking about her online academy and enrolling clients, sharing success stories on a consistent, consistent basis. And that is the kind of ethic work ethic that I noticed among the health coaches who truly, truly succeed.

I've got a couple of comments here coming in. Fox Health Coaching says I signed for a business coaching program in January and my gut was really into it. But after a couple of months, the mentor of the program did not deliver. I lost $6,000. How do I trust again? You know, I've done lots of different courses, training... You know, I shared with you my very, very first business coach, which was a blessing. They aren't always right. They aren't always, I can think of some things I've signed up for where I was like, you know, and I think one way of thinking about it is like I got taken or this person didn't deliver, but the other way of thinking about it and trust me, I've done both. The other way of thinking about it. It's like, okay, what did I get from this? Or what can I take from this training?

Because it's probably not going to be like a hundred percent every single time, but I can think of a course I signed up for now came highly recommended. And once I got into it, I was like, I was a little disappointed. You know, when the person who's selling the course, isn't really involved. Like once you get into it and you never hear from that person again, I was like, wait, what happened? I felt like I had a little bit of a bait and switch there. That's something I will never do. But, I learned from that, this is something I will never do. I will never sell a course and then not be part of the course have other people like run the course for me. So that was a huge, and it was actually huge learning to be on that side and see what I did not like.

And then there were parts of the course that I was like, that is very useful. That is very interesting. And actually just by putting my money, my, my intention towards the topic of the course, I found that my business grew, even if I didn't follow exactly what they were recommending, even if I didn't, I only got through like the first part of the course. And then I went, eh, this isn't really, for me in a way it was still helpful. So what I'm trying to say here is you want to take what works and leave what doesn't and try not to think of it as a total loss, because most likely it is not. This is saying, wow, that's exactly where I am kind of, kind of prolific and has made me kind of stall. Thanks for saying that. Just the kick I needed. So Nyssi, are you saying like about not letting life happen and just drag you down?

I know all summer long people are like, oh, like, you know, vacations or, oh, like, whatever. I'm not really like into my business right now. And then the fall comes and it's coming my friends. I mean, my kids go to school tomorrow for the first day and it's like, oh shoot. You know, sometimes it's hard to come back when you let life get in the way that's health coaching says, thank you. Great way to change my mindset. How many trainings do you think we should do? I mean, I didn't do any business trainings for the first many years of my business because a, they really just weren't available. And B I really didn't have, like some of the courses that are out there for health coaches are like $10,000. Like you said, $6,000. These were numbers I couldn't even conceive of. So, I didn't do anything in the beginning.

It's slow, it's slow. I wish that there had been something that was meeting me where I was, you know, at the time I would've been able to move more quickly. Um, so anyway, to answer your question, I don't think that there's a number of trainings that you should do. But what I have found is when I hit, I hit like a block or I hit a plateau in my business. That's when I know that I need some help to get over that. Right. So there was a point in my business where I had just literally did not know, like I didn't have a plan. I was just kind of like treading water and I didn't have a plan. That's where I was for too many years within find help with that. And it's why I designed Healthy Profit University because I give you a plan.

I give you a structure for your business, right. And then we have coaches go through it and you might hit another point where you're like, this is all working. But you know, like for example, in my business, um, how many years ago was this? Maybe three years ago, I was hitting a point in my business where I was like, I need to systematize this in a way I needed to be able to scale. And so then I took a course that helped me do that, taught me how to put more systems and into place and funnels and things that were a little bit more advanced. Right. Cause I had hit a plateau. So I think when you find that you're getting stuck, you want to look for a resource to help you with that. Cat's saying, Michelle, are you still actively coaching? Yes. I am still actively health coaching.

My health coaching practice has shrunk and gotten a little bit smaller and takes a little bit, bit of a back seat now to what I'm doing for health coaches. But I am still an active health coach. In fact, I just enrolled, speaking of, um, you know, noticing that you hit a plateau or noticing like you have a block, I was noticing in my own health coaching practice, I work with a lot of women and I didn't intend to do this. I work with a lot of women who have chronic stress burnout, and a lot of the symptoms that go along with that. And, I mean, didn't go into it on purpose this way, but has turned out a lot of my clients have auto-immune disease. So I just enrolled to become an AIP certified coach. That's something I'm going to be doing this fall.

Cause that was a bit of a block for me. We now have all these clients with auto immune diseases and I know a lot about treating auto-immune disease, but this is an area that I would like to have more special specialty training in. So anyway, just PS in my personal health coaching business, that's what's going on there.

Health and wellness says what's included in HPU. So with the fall fast track semester, we do a 90 day intensive together. It is super-duper fun. It's kind of like this because I'm on camera and live. It's the only differences you're in the room with me. You know, we do a meeting once a week with everybody throughout the 90 days. And they lead you through the HPU curriculum where you're defining a business model, you're building an audience, I'm going to teach you how to sell to that audience.

Um, but we have so much fun together cause it's like live, you know, when we have a group that does it all together, um, which is just man, I missed that when I became a health coach because you know, you're working at home and you kind of by yourself, it has been my goal to like build community in this field for many, many years now. Anyway, if you're interested in joining us for this fall again, the wait list is open. If you go to healthcoachpower.com/waitlist, you can get a little bit more information there.

Whew. This is a fun episode. I think I liked doing this double broadcasting thing. Facebook group, Instagram, people listening via podcasts later and watching on YouTube. Thank you. We'll be back next week. And in the meantime, you can always ask questions inside of our Health Coach Power community Facebook group. If you're not already a member head over to healthcoachpowercommunity.com and we'll get you in there. Have a great day. Everybody bye-bye.