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Community Connection Event

Friday 3/17
1-2pm ET
Before we dive into Bootcamp, here’s a chance to meet face-to-face, connect with your peers and make a game plan for our 5 days together. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Day 0: Intro – 3/18

You know what?

I used to get super nervous before a client consultation.

I didn’t know what to say, I felt like a total imposter and having to close the deal sounded like my personal hell. Nine times out of ten, they didn’t sign up for my health coaching package.

See, when you aren’t selling a specific program for a specific type of person, you run the risk of sounding…

…low value.

It’s exhausting. Business goes nowhere. In a crowded industry you’re just more white noise.

Once I created my signature program I found it insanely easier to sign clients.
They don’t even blink at the price. (Which has allowed me immense freedom – like the week I spent in St. Lucia last month!)

Honestly, when I started my business 14 years ago it was enough to say, “I help people live their best lives by eating real food.” But these days? NOPE.That vague message gets lost in a sea of choices. People started doing Whole30 and following Instagram influencers and my program numbers started to plummet (along with my income.)

The solution? Create a signature program that gets results. No more willy-nilly talk of selling “health coaching.”

Because nobody wants it. For real.

They want a solution to their biggest problem.

And I’m going to help you create it, starting tomorrow.

Before then, head over to our Facebook group and fill in the blank…

“If I were easily selling my signature program, I’d use the extra income to _________.”

After that…

1. Mark your calendar for this week’s events
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2. All the action and support happens in our Facebook group.
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3. Miss anything along the way?
No problem! You’ll be able to find all materials and video replays on the archive page until 3/29.

4. And if you want to know how a signature program changed MY health coaching practice…text me now at 917-540-8927 and say “Tell me about your signature program.” I’ll give ya the inside scoop 🙂

See you tomorrow,


p.s. Did you know we’re 95% more likely to commit to a goal when we have an accountability partner? Send your health coach friends to HealthCoachPower.com/signature and get them in on the fun.

p.p.s. This is just the tip of the iceberg…if you love the idea of having my support to build your business, the waitlist for this year’s Fast Track is now open.

Day 1: The Who & The What – 3/19

Ready to get started?

Me too.

Let’s do it…

A “signature” is about putting your mark on something, right?

So you might think a “signature program” is about you.

It’s not.

Your signature program should be about the person you are serving – who they are, and what big problem they want to solve.

WHO are you best suited to help?

Think of a group of people you know a lot about. Maybe you’ve been this person in the past or have spent a lot of time with them.

Could be…surgeons in Chicago, diabetic clowns, Buddhist monks, whatever. Write it down – and the more specific the better. (Maybe Buddhist monks between the ages of 55-65.)

WHAT big problem can you help them solve?

High blood pressure, high blood sugar symptoms, alopecia. What’s their most pressing concern, in their own words?

Again, the more specific you are, the better. Because if your “signature” program is “helping people live healthier lives” that’s not very signature at all. Neither is “I help busy women feel alive again” or any other vague description.

When you put it together, it’ll sound like this:

“I help [type of person] get [desired result]”

That’s it. Simple.

But I know simple doesn’t always mean easy.

I’m happy to help you work through ideas to arrive at your WHO and WHAT.
But if you’re really stuck…

Use this as a placeholder for now, and go through this week learning how to create a signature program around it:

I help women 35-45 who are going gray get back their hair color naturally.
(Pssst…if you can actually do that, I will hire you myself.)

Now head over to our Facebook group and fill in the blanks:

I help [type of person] get [desired result].

We’ll be meeting on Zoom tonight to work this through together, give feedback and answer questions. Join us at 8pm ET. Or the replay will be available to watch afterwards.

And if you want to know what will make or break your ability to SELL your signature program, text me now at 917-540-8927 and say “Will my program sell?”

Talk soon,


Day 2: Your Program Outline – 3/20

NIIIIICE. All you coaches are doing a phenomenal job so far! Hopefully by now you’ve defined a target market with a BIG, specific problem you can help solve.

What’s that, you say? You’re not 100% sure about your target market? No worries. Keep moving forward, imperfectly. Once you learn the process of building a program, you can repeat it for ANY target market.

Today we’re going to outline your signature program’s content.


What are the 3 themes that come up most often when your target market talks about his/her big problem?

For example…

Let’s say you help successful, single, corporate women in their 40’s get rid of stubborn weight:

She may talk about being single – she can’t put herself out there to date. She hates presenting during work meetings because she’s self-conscious. She wants to lose weight because she feels she’d be more confident. CONFIDENCE would be a theme.

Maybe she’s always exhausted. Her job is draining, she drags herself around drinking coffee. So what’s the theme? She’s tired! She wants ENERGY.

She also notices that she’s constantly beating herself up with negative self-talk. She restricts food and punishes herself for cheating. What she really desires is INDULGENCE. Heck, she vacations on Martha’s Vineyard and buys $4000 designer bags. This woman enjoys luxury!

A signature program for our 40-something corporate woman would be built around:

  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Indulgence

That sounds like something she actually wants to sign up for!

But are you wondering how confidence, energy and indulgence will lead to weight loss?

It’s just another way to frame her experience. Confidence might start with lifting 3 lb. weights. Energy can start with going to bed 30 minutes earlier. Indulgence might look like eating butter instead of avoiding fat for the first time since she was 12. Steps like these will lead to her ultimate goal of weight loss.

Ok, your turn…

  1. Think about the big problem your target market has. How does it affect their life? What related problems are they experiencing? What’s their motivation to solve their problem?
  2. What 3 topics/issues/themes come up most often – in their own words, NOT yours. (If they talk about “feeling bloated,” don’t turn that into “gut issues.”)

Once you find those 3 main themes, frame them in terms of what your client *wants.* (Remember in the example, she’s tired…that means she wants ENERGY.)

This becomes your program’s 3-part outline.

But more than that…

It’s your special sauce. It’s what makes you different from Weight Watchers, a dietitian or even a therapist. Your signature program is designed around your target market’s deepest desires – making it irresistible.

Hop over to our Facebook group and share your 3-part outline

It should sound like this….
“I help [type of person] get [desired result].My signature program is built around [theme 1], [theme 2] and [theme 3].”And if you’re curious about program logistics (length, number of sessions, materials needed, 1:1 versus group…) text me now at 917-540-8927 and say “How do I decide on logistics?”We’ll be live on Zoom at 8pm ET to practice designing a program for different target markets. Join us live so I can use yours as an example!Talk soon,Michellep.s. By the way, if you’ve missed any part of this bootcamp, all materials will be archived on this page until 3/29.

p.p.s. By Day 5 your program is going to be ready to sell, can you believe it? Don’t miss our Day 5 bonus masterclass where I’ll show you how to enroll all the clients you need. Mark your calendar!

Day 3: Stress-less Technology – 3/21

You likely have a clear vision for your signature program at this point. If so, high freaking fives!

(If not, that’s ok – you can spend today catching up on Day 1 and Day 2 over on our handy dandy archive page.)

Once you have an idea for your program…what will you need to bring it to life?

Now, if I know health coaches…half of you just got super overwhelmed thinking about all the handouts, videos, recipe books and member login sites you need to create. Don’t do that. Back up the truck.

We’re gonna start SIMPLE.

Health coaching requires nothing more than a meeting time and space with your client(s).

For real.

That’s all you need.

Even if you want your signature program to eventually be a comprehensive online course serving thousands, you’d take the core of your idea and start by working 1:1 with individuals. Test your signature program, see how it works. Learn from your clients. They’ll help you perfect it over time.

With that simple approach in mind…

Imagine a new client emailing you right now. They are enthusiastic about working with you, love the sound of your signature program and want to start right away!

Think about these 4 questions and tell us in the Facebook group:

  1. How will you collect payment?
  2. How will you schedule sessions?
  3. Where will you hold your sessions?
  4. If you have forms for your client to complete, how will you send those?

If you need help, we’re happy to suggest simple ideas. The name of the game is to GET STARTED. You can always get fancy later.

Speaking of, during tonight’s Zoom gathering I’ll share some of the tools I love to use for handling client logistics. They range from zero-technology-required to more sophisticated. See you at 8pm ET!

And if you’d like to hear my BIGGEST client scheduling mistake, text me now at 917-540-8927 and say “Michelle, what was your BIG mistake?”

Talk soon,


p.s. Today’s exercise is only a teensy bit theoretical. Because by Day 5 of this bootcamp your program is going to be ready to enroll clients into. WHOA. Don’t miss our Day 5 bonus masterclass where I’ll show you how to find clients consistently. I’ve got a live viewer bonus planned, so mark your calendar!

Day 4: Planning Client Sessions – 3/22

Here’s what you need to realize about health coaching…

You might THINK your client needs to go gluten-free.

Or start an exercise program.

Or learn about their hormones.

But then your session begins and she’s in tears telling you about the time her husband racked up $500,000 in debt and how nothing in her life has ever been the same. (True story from a client of mine many years ago.)

So today I’m asking you to create a list of about 10 specific topics you might cover inside your signature program that helps [your specified type of person] get [their desired result]…

…and, to be ready to throw that list out the window if needed. Because coaching is always client-led.

What are 10-ish specific topics your client MIGHT need to talk about or work on during their time with you?

Share your list in the Facebook group

And if you’d like to know how to keep your client on track AND stay within your scope of practice at the same time, text me now at 917-540-8927 and say “How do I stay on track?”We’ll be live on Zoom tonight at 8pm ET to further explore this idea of having a signature program that allows for full customization.

Tomorrow we’ll talk pricing 🙂

If you’ve missed any part of the challenge, all materials will be archived on this page until 3/29.

Talk soon,


p.s. You’re very close to having a signature program ready to rock! Now let’s find you the clients you need. Our bonus masterclass happens tomorrow and I have a bonus planned for LIVE viewers – mark your calendar and plan to join us 🙂

Day 5: Pricing Your Program – 3/23

This week we’ve talked about crafting a program for a specific type of person that solves a specific, BIG problem.

If you’ve wondered about pricing…this is at the heart of it.

See, a program that’s designed to help solve a big, pressing problem is worth far more than a program designed to educate, entertain or provide relief for a small problem.

It doesn’t matter how long the program is.

It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles it includes.

It doesn’t matter if sessions are 60 minutes or 30 minutes.

Price your signature program based on how much the transformation is worth to your client.

In other words…

What is it worth to your client to fix their big problem?

In most cases they are already spending money to fix it. Think about women who have spent thousands on diet programs. Lyme disease sufferers who see expensive out-of-pocket specialists. Stressed out men and women who week relief with weekly massages, reiki or acupuncture.

In all of these cases, the client cares deeply about finding a solution and is willing to pay a substantial amount for it.


Big problem = big value.

Small problem = small value.

Now, it’s equally important that you feel comfortable with and excited about the amount you are asking for! This will be based on your own money history, what you’ve spent on services in the past, and how much experience/confidence you have. Adjust your pricing accordingly and know…

There is no such thing as a “perfect” price. So make a decision and don’t think about it again, just move forward.

Head over to our Facebook group and tell us…

What do you feel comfortable pricing your signature program at?

And if you’d like a strategy to slowly ease into higher pricing, text me now at 917-540-8927 and say “Ease me in!”

Speaking of earning money as a health coach…

Join me at 8pm ET tonight for our bonus masterclass: How To Get the Clients You Need.” I have something special for those who attend LIVE, so please try to be there!

(Yes, of course, we’ll also provide a replay tomorrow.)

See you tonight,


p.s. If you’ve missed any part of this bootcamp, go on, catch up! 🙂  All materials will be archived on this page until 3/29.

Bonus Masterclass: How To Get the Clients You Need

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