#207: Highlighting 8 Health Coach Podcasters (& July Giveaway Announcement!)

As a follow-up to Episode #200, get ready to meet 8 coaches from our community who are working hard to produce their own podcast. Give ’em a listen and leave a review! Michelle also announces the winner of our July ’22 giveaway. Add your name to the waitlist for Weekly Mentorship at: https://healthcoachpower.com/mentorship

Podcasts mentioned in this episode:
Back To Earth With New Path Wellness Group by Shawne Johnson
The Fertility Witch by Cassie Huneke
Flourishing with Fibromyalgia by Tiffany Deluisi
Embracing the Gap by Lauren Leitner
Health, Life and More for Women Podcast by Jennifer D’Amato
The Tongue Tie Experts Podcast by Lisa Paladino
Midlife Mojo by Lisa DuPree
Run to the Top with Claire Bartholic

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Full transcript:

Hello there, health coaches. My name is Michelle Leotta. I'm a still practicing health coach of 13 years and mentor to my fellow health coaches. Today's episode is a little bit different because I'm recording it in advance. I very rarely do this, but I am going to be traveling for two weeks in Portugal and Spain. I'm very excited. I'm going with my boyfriend. And actually this is going to be the longest I have ever been away from my business. Maybe I'll have to do an episode when I get back on how successful I was at actually disconnecting and taking a much needed break. So anyway, hopefully right now, as you are watching or listening, I am on a beach on the coast of Portugal eating something delicious, but I still have a very interesting episode planned for you.

Now, before we get into it a few weeks from now, our weekly mentorship group will be opening up for enrollment. We only do this a couple of times per year. So if you're looking for support with your health coaching business, and you wanna be able to chat with me every week on a live zoom call, go put your name on the wait list right now at healthcoachpower.com/mentorship. About a month ago, we hit our 200th episode. And if you haven't listened to that one, yet it was chalk full. Go back to episode number 200, it was full of podcasting knowledge. Definitely go take a listen to that. During that show, I mentioned that I wanted to see what podcasts all of you, our health coach community we're creating. And today I'm gonna share eight podcasts that are currently publishing from our community members. There's a real range here from brand new health coaches to well experienced coaches, hosting these shows. So you're gonna have a peak at what your peers are up to at different levels.
And we'll put links to all of them in the show notes at healthcoachpower.com/podcast. I mean, I think it is really admirable when a coach starts podcasting. I didn't start for many years into my business because podcasting it takes work. And all of these coaches I'm going to introduce you to today are plugging ahead. Every week. It pays off tremendously in the long run to be creating your own content like this. But before I introduce you to any of our health coach podcasters, I need to announce the winner of our July giveaway. This is an honor of our 200th episode. I'm offering a free coaching call to one of our listeners who left a written review on apple podcasts. Thank you everybody.

By the way, for leaving reviews, super duper helpful. Our winner is CurlyLML, who wrote this five star review on apple podcast. She said, it's fuel for your brain. I'm usually listening to this in traffic. After every episode, I want to bustle through the cars just so I can get to work with the inspiration that's delivered in every episode. Michelle is relatable and uses her knowledge and successes as teachable and realistic approaches for all levels of coaches. Her passion always shines through CurlyLML. I have no idea who you are sometimes. I just cannot tell from the apple podcast name, but thank you so much and big congratulations to you. Keep on listening to the show in the car, but please drive safe. You and I are gonna have a session together and I can't wait. Please. Email support@healthcoachpower.com by August 31st and we will get you scheduled.

All right, let me introduce you now to our eight health coach podcasters. We have kicking us off today. Shawne Johnson. Now Shawne was actually a guest on this very show. She's back in episode 130 turning list building into paying clients. So if you wanna hear from Shawne on this show, go back into the archives to number 130, but Shawne has her own podcast now. It's called the Back To Earth With New Path Wellness Group podcast. And one of the episodes that really popped out at me was episode number 29, period poverty. I think that there's some really interesting stuff in this show. Shawne is a black health coach. We don't have enough representation in different demographics and I think that Sean's doing amazing work representing her community and talking about issues that are important to black women, as well as all women. But this to me is a really important show. Check it out. Again, it's called Back To Earth With New Path Wellness Group by Shawne Johnson.

Okay, the next one I'm gonna share with you is from Cassie... Oh gosh. I do not know how to... I always forget how to pronounce this last name, Cassie. I'm gonna say Cassie Huneke. Cassie. I'm so sorry. I probably butchered that. But Cassie started her podcast, The Fertility Witch not too long ago. And I just think it's the cutest take on like yet another fertility podcast, right? Or even yet another health and wellness podcast. It helps sometimes to have a hook, to have something that's a little bit different about you. So The Fertility Witch, what's that all about the, uh, the subtitle, I guess for the show is, tap into your power. And here are some of the things that she's talking about on the fertility, witch podcast: mineral deficiencies, connection, and the magic within three things you need to know before trying to conceive, reclaim your life while trying to conceive, fertility dieting and the not so pretty chemicals impacting your fertility.

Lots of good stuff in here. Again, you can find that on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows, The Fertility Witch, check that one out. Cassie's a brand new coach. By the way, I wanna call that out. The level that everybody's at in their business, Cassie is just starting out fresh. So, you know, when you're in those first couple episodes, it can feel like, oh, this isn't doing anything. The clients aren't banging down my door yet. It doesn't happen with 1, 2, 3, 10, 20 episodes. It's like, you've been podcasting for a year, two years. Like that's when you really start to see the return. So, I just wanted to instill this sense of stick to it, with whatever kind of content all of you are creating.

Okay, the next show I wanna introduce you to is called, Flourishing with Fibromyalgia. And this one is from Tiffany Deluisi. And Tiffany has only eight episodes so far, but Tiffany's been a health coach for a while now. So, this is a newer venture for her and she has some really useful episodes in here. Episode five is the overlap between IBS and fibromyalgia. Episode seven is 10 natural remedies to ease fibromyalgia pain. Episode eight is how is fibromyalgia diagnosed? Here's what I know about Tiffany. She has got her target market dialed in, and these all sound like topics and questions and things that her audience wants to know about. That's a great way to get found inside apple podcast, cause people are going to be searching for these things. So great job, Tiffany. And again, for anyone who wants to check that out, it's called Flourishing with Fibromyalgia.

All right, movin' right along here. We have another podcast from one of our health coach power community members, Lauren Leitner and her show is called Embracing the Gap, which at first I wasn't really sure what that meant. Maybe you aren't either, but as I read the description of her show and I was taking a listen, I realized she's talking about that gap between where you are and where you want to be, or where your client is and where they want to be. And some of her episodes include episode eight is being healthy, always work that kind of made me laugh and episode number nine, why discomfort is our friend and not the enemy. So, check out Lauren at Embracing the Gap.

Here's another one from our very own Jennifer D’Amato. She has her podcast called Health, Life and More for Women Podcast. That's very on the nose. Isn't it? Health, Life and More for Women. Well, what's this all about. This is a podcast for women who are ready to ditch diets, the scale and food guilt forever, and instead invite peace with food, body trust and confidence in her choices. And some of Jennifer's episodes include respect your body, movement, feel the difference, cope with your emotions, with kindness, feeling your fullness and challenge the food police. So, if you are ready to ditch diet, or maybe even change your approach to health coaching, check out Jennifer, she's got a lot of interesting things to say. It'sHealth, Life and More for Women Podcast.

Okay , here's one from Lisa. This one's very different. I wanna encourage you, if you're in the stage of your business where you're choosing a target market, go narrow, go niche, right? There are lots of health and wellness podcasts out there. What do you know about, but not a lot of people do? Where can you shine? You wanna be the big fish and the small pond. And I think Lisa's doing an amazing job of that at The Tongue Tie Experts Podcast. That's Lisa Paladino. Look it up. The tongue tie experts podcast is something I needed when my babies were born. Both of 'em were tongue tied. One of 'em was lip tied too. I knew nothing about what was going on. So here are some of the things that Lisa talks about and my understanding is that this is going to help you. If you are obviously a mother, you're dealing with this with your child, but also practitioners who are working with moms and their babies. So lactation consultants, doulas, perhaps up postpartum doulas. You get the gist.

Okay, Lisa's talking about will tongue tie release fix all breastfeeding challenges? Sorry. I've read that very poorly. Will tongue tie release fix all breastfeeding challenges? That's her latest episode. She's got another one on breast milk supply is baby getting enough milk? She has another one called frenotomy with the least... Am I pronouncing that correctly? My both of my boys had these and I still don't know if I'm saying that properly. I thought it was a frenectomy. That must be something different, frenotomy anatomy with the least trauma for parent and baby. Maybe I should listen to that episode. I will hear it pronounced. And she has something here. Also season two, episode eight tongue tie for beginners. What the heck are TOTs or TOTs? I don't know what that is either. So clearly I have some brushing up to do on my tongue tie knowledge. Thank you, Lisa. Again, check out Lisa Palladino at The Tongue Tie Experts Podcast.

Okay we're not quite done yet. I have Lisa DuPree at the Midlife Mojo Podcast. I bet you can guess who this is for. Yes, she writes here. The midlife mojo podcast is all about how to be fit and flourish in your fifties with host national board certified health and wellness coach and certified exercise physiologist, Lisa DuPree. And Lisa's talking about navigating around obstacles, how to boost confidence for goal success, the why and how of setting goals and all of it for women over 50.

And last but not, let me introduce you to Claire Bartholic. Actually, I did introduce you to Claire just a few episodes ago. It was episode 198 and that show was called how one coach increased her client base by 700%. Yeah. That Claire, she mentioned in that episode that she's actually a host of a podcast. And so I wanna tell you about it. This is not Claire's podcast. Claire has a gig where she's the host of a podcast for a brand called Runners Connect. And apparently it's like one of the top or the top running podcasts in the world, which is crazy-cool. So, Claire has this huge audience listening to her every week. And here are some of the things that they're talking about there: Finally fix your lower back pain. Another episode's called run faster and be happier after age 40. Another one is the plantar fasciitis doc on how to keep your feet healthy, all important things for runners to listen to. So check that out. It's called, Run to the Top with Claire Bartholic.

I know there are more, I know we have more podcasts out there, but this is what I wanted to bring to you today to get you started, listen to your peers. Like I said, Claire's been doing this for a while. Tiffany's been doing this for a while. Jennifer's been a health coach for a while. Lisa - kind of new. Lisa Paladino, Lisa with the midlife mojo is kind of new Lisa Palladino with the tongue tie. She's been a practitioner for years and years and years peek in on what your peers are up to.

We're gonna put the links to all of these shows in the show notes again at healthcoachpower.com/podcast, and that's all for today everybody. I hope you're enjoying your summer. And if you haven't already, please put your name on the wait list for weekly mentorship at healthcoachpower.com/mentorship. We're gonna be opening up enrollment towards the middle of August. I'll see you when I get back.