#279: Photo Shoot Ideas for Health Coaches

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Photos of yourself are absolutely essential when marketing coaching services. After all…coaching is a relationship with YOU! If the only decent photos you have are professional shots from your wedding (or a selfie from vacation last summer) join us to talk about getting great health coach photos on any budget. And add your name to the waitlist for this spring’s Fast Track Semester with Michelle – http://healthcoachpower.com/waitlist

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Photo Shoot Ideas for Health Coaches

Signing a new client starts by someone knowing, liking and trusting you.

Sure helps if they’ve seen you, right?

That’s why using photos of yourself in your marketing (website, social media, flyers, etc.) is super important as a health coach.

Considerations before the photo shoot

First, you’ll want to consider the purpose of the photos you’re taking. Are they meant for your website’s home page? Do you need a headshot to accompany the write-up of your next workshop at the yoga studio?

Next, think about who you are targeting with your marketing. What type of person are they, and what resonates with them? (Example: If marketing to moms, you might want your kids with you in your photos. If marketing yourself to a corporate crowd, you might want to dress more professionally – and save the Birkenstocks for another day.)

Choose clothing and colors that flatter, staying away from bold patterns or statement jewelry. This isn’t a fashion shoot – the focus should be on you. Also consider colors/styles that will make sense with your environment.

Most of all, strive for variety in the shoot so you end up with a range of usable photos. Change outfits and locations if possible. Definitely get shots from varying angles and with different expressions on your face. (Pro tip: Bring a trusted friend along to help you feel more comfortable. It will show in your photos if you’re feeling uneasy or stiff!)

Avoid this common cliché

Do a quick Google search for “health coach photos” and you’ll quickly see what I mean when I say:

Smiling with salad is cliché!

So is chopping vegetables and inexplicably laughing at the camera – instead of watching the knife so it doesn’t chop off a finger. Ha!

The truth is, health coaches all tend to take the same photos.

If you want to stand out, hold your shoot in an environment your ideal clients find appealing. You don’t need to be holding an apple or laughing with lettuce. Promise.

3 budget options for a photo shoot

1. The Zero-Dollar Outdoor Shoot
All you need here is a phone with a decent camera, a friend or tripod, and the sun at golden hour when lighting is diffuse and most flattering.

An outdoor location solves the problem of lighting indoors (VERY hard to get right) and needing that perfect-looking house. (Cost: $0)

2. The Mid-Range Shoot with Photographer
Find a photographer who is new to the game and you might be able to book a shoot for only a few hundred bucks. Make the most of your time together by preparing a shot list ahead of time – this communicates to your photographer exactly what you’re looking for.

An outdoor shoot at golden hour will ensure good lighting and no need to find (or pay for) a location. (Estimated cost: $500-2000)

3. The High-End Photo Shoot
Find a photographer who is very experienced with online entrepreneurs – someone who understands what you need for a web page or social media. (A shot list is still helpful!)

Also book a makeup and hair artist who will prepare you for the shoot and stick around throughout for touch-ups.

While this shoot can happen outdoors, you may also consider booking an indoor location with props, backdrops and lighting options. Shooting indoors allows for easier outfit changes, no weather problems and a faster, more productive shoot day. (Estimated total cost: $5000+)

Regardless of your budget (and most health coaches will definitely start with that zero-dollar option!) the most important thing is that you look like YOU. Don’t worry about being fancy or perfect. The very best photos are the ones where you’re at ease – because that’s exactly how you want to make potential clients feel.

Full transcript:

Hello there, health coaches! By popular demand, I'm very excited, today's episode is all about photo shoots for your coaching business. So we're going to talk about why you need photos anyway. I know sometimes coaches are like, I don't want to get photos taken of. So they are important. We'll talk about why. We'll talk about what kind of budget to consider and how to get the most out of any kind of photo shoot, even if it's just you and an iPhone. So if you are here live, please ask your questions in the comments as we go along. And I'm curious, have you already had any kind of photo shoot for your coaching business yet? Yes or no? Tell me where you're at now. Before we jump in, I want to let you know that the wait list is now open for this year's Fast Track semester, and I'm very excited because it is unlike anything that I've done before.

Even though I have run Fast Track for many years this year, I'll be giving our fast trackers a complete 12 week marketing plan with shortcut materials to put it all into action immediately and find clients. And PS, if you haven't had a photo shoot yet, that's okay, we can work around that. But this is a very hands on high touch experiential program and waitlist members as always get the best pricing and bonuses. So you might as well put your name on the list. You can go do that at healthcoachpower.com/waitlist. I'm going to drop that link right over here in our Facebook chat. Once again, that's health coach power.com/waitlist and FastTrack will be happening this spring. There's so many aspects to marketing, that's why FastTrack is so helpful. We cover all of them. It's a really holistic approach of looking at your business and how it's working.

My goal is to make it easy for you guys every week, every episode that we do here. How can we make it easier? So for today, we'll talk about your photos because I know many of you are planning to take some, you're at least considering how to go about it. So let's see what you're all saying in the chat over here. Kim says, hi Kim. Kim says, hi Michelle. Yes, need new ones badly. And Kim, I've seen some of your pictures so I know you've had a photo shoot at least one photo shoot before, and the ones you have are lovely, but same for me. I'll have a shoot and typically within a year and a half I'm like, I need fresh photos. I always want my photos to look like me now, not look like me from 10 years ago. Have you ever met someone and you thought they looked one way, you saw their headshot and then you meet them in real life and you're like, oh, you are 20 years older than that.

I never want that to happen. So it's a great to get some new ones. Jennifer saying, I had a photographer friend take some photos, but those are getting kind of old now. Great. Put a pin in that everybody photographer friend, very good to have. We will come back to that. Diane says, I've done a couple on my own. I need to do more. Alright, you guys are all in the right place. Backing up for just a second, photos are so important. I mean obviously in any kind of industry, in any marketing and photography is a big, big part of that. And if you don't know, I used to be an art director. That was my first career and I worked in the big ad agencies and so we were always having photo shoots for our clients, but these were Fortune 500 companies with giant, giant budgets.

This is a little bit different. Let's think about the types of marketing that health coaches do. Maybe it's your website, you need photos for your website. Maybe it's social media. You need a profile photo for sure. Maybe you need images to use within your posts as well. These types of mediums really rely on photography. It's very visual. Now, if you hold a workshop at a local yoga studio, that doesn't seem like it requires photography, right? But they are going to want a headshot that they can put on their website that they can put on flyers. So you at least need that. And photos of yourself just in general. I think they're so essential as health coaches because you are marketing you, right? Coaching is a relationship and it starts by somebody knowing you, liking you, trusting you sure helps if they've seen you, right? Humans really connect looking at other eyeballs like seeing a face.

That's what humans respond to. And even if you have, let's say a podcast, which is an excellent way to market yourself and become known. Now podcasts, you might say, well, that's audio based. I never have to show my face. You don't have to do your podcast on video like I'm doing right now. So it's not necessarily a visual medium, and yet you're still going to need a cover graphic and you're going to want your face on that for the same reasons. By the way, I just want to give a really quick shout out to Elijah Dawson. She's a health coach in our community. Elijah downloaded my podcast Quickstart Guide recently, and with that she started her own show. It's called Aligned Empathy. I took a listen to her first episode and sure enough, she's got a photo of herself on that cover image. So we will put a link in the show notes to Elijah's show and to that free podcast quickstart guide for anybody else interested in starting a podcast. But yay, way to go, Elijah. I'm very, very proud of you.

Anyway, my point is almost every touchpoint of your marketing is going to look better. It's going to connect with people better and be more effective if it had some nice looking photos of you. So how do we make this happen? I broke this down by price range. So first there is the $0 outdoor shoot where all you need is a phone and a friend or maybe a phone and a tripod or something to hold your phone for you even if it's not a friend. So that's option number one. That sounds like what Diane has done. Then you have a more mid-range photo shoot where you do have a photographer. And keep in mind that photographers really, really range in skill sets and talent. It's like anything else. It's like saying you hired an oil painter to do a portrait.

There's a huge range in who you're going to get. So when I say hire a photographer, keep that in mind. So you have a middle range photo shoot where you're hiring probably not the highest end photographer, but either a friend, someone, someone that you find locally, someone who's just starting out in their photography business because they're going to be willing to do it for you for cheap because they want the photos for their portfolio as well. And you're probably not hiring anything else. You're probably going to have the shoot outdoors, and I'll get back to why that's important in a little bit, but that's going to cost you some money without breaking the bank. And then finally, we have a higher end photo shoot and that would be complete with location and hair and makeup, the works. We're going to get to all of those in just a moment.

But before we even think about budget, regardless of how the pictures are going to get taken before we even think about our hair or our wardrobe, and we'll talk about that too, it's really important to think about what you need photos for. So if you're here with me live, tell me in the chat what do you know you need photos for? Is there a very specific photo you need? The last time I had a photo shoot, I knew I wanted to refresh my homepage on my website. So the website was already designed. It had a very specific layout and I had a very clear idea of the shot. I wanted to fill that space. So think about what you need the photos for. I'm always thinking how am I going to use these photos? So there's the website, obviously there's all the opt-in pages, like anytime I'm offering a freebie or a free event and you guys know that I do a lot of those, I always need a wide shot with a very sort of blank background or a very simple background because on a webpage we're going to end up putting text on top.

Just think about how the photo goes into the layout. So I'm going to move to the side a little bit where I am right now in my screen. If there's some blank space back here in the photo, you can put text here. But if it's very, very busy back there, it becomes impossible to read over a busy city background. Or if you have a lot of trees and leaves back there, you can't layer text on top very easily. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, go to my website's homepage, it's health coach power.com and you can see what I mean about layering text over a photo. That doesn't just happen by chance. It's really helpful to know upfront if you need that kind of shot. So I always get a lot of very wide shots like that where my body is off to one side of the frame and there's space for text on the other side because I do so much online. So Diane says she needs shots for her website in particular. Great. So again, helpful if you know what the layout of the website is or if you have an idea for what you want it to be so that you can take the shot that perfectly fits that layout rather than trying to jigg it, rejigger it later.

So maybe you're going to need some shots. I do like Diane probably does. Maybe you need a headshot specifically, and headshots really wouldn't go on your homepage. I'm going to try to dissuade you from that. They probably wouldn't go on your website too much at all. They could, but headshot tend to be used when you're giving a talk, you're holding a workshop, you're writing an article, and it's that little photo that goes next to your bio. That's typically where we want to headshot for. Okay, what else do we need to consider? What else are you guys considering? Tell me. An important one is what type of client are you trying to attract? I know target market, it comes up in every aspect of your marketing and same for your photo shoot. So here's an example. Back when I was working as a health coach for young busy moms, I actually had my children in the photo shoot with me.

They were young. Oh gosh, I think I had an 18 month old and my older son must have been about four. So sweet, right? And let me tell you how pissed I was when my husband, my ex-husband. Now this is not why he's my ex-husband now, but you can fill in the blanks, shaved my son's head the week before the photo shoot. I mean he bick it, you guys, it was smooth and it was not the look I was going for in the photos. But think about what kind of clients you were looking to attract and then let that determine the style of the photos you take, what you're wearing, who you're with, what kind of props you have, what your environment is. Obviously with my kids, I was out at the park or maybe you're in a kitchen, but I made sure to have the children with me so that I had that mom vibe coming through.

People knew this was for moms as soon as they saw my picture holding my kids, right? It just makes too much sense. If you are catering to a very earthy, crunchy crowd, take photos surrounded by herbs wearing your earth mama dress and your Birkenstocks. If you're trying to attract a more corporate crowd, don't do that. If you're trying to attract a more corporate crowd, maybe you would wear something more professional business casual, take photos on the city street. So who are we targeting and what do we need to present ourselves as to make sense to that potential client? Now speaking of wardrobe, this is important. Whenever we think about getting dressed up or doing something special with our clothing, we can end up going too far when it comes to a photo shoot. So it's very important, especially if you're like a fashionista, that you don't let your clothing become the focus of the photo because this is not a fashion shoot.

There are fashion shoots. You can open up Vogue magazine and that's a very different kind of photography. This is not that in your photo shoot, you want the focus to be on you. You want your smile to be your jewelry, your eyes. That's what's important. Not that you can't wear jewelry, but you want to keep very complicated patterns or super trendy styles or any big statement jewelry. I would keep that out of the picture. Even these hoop earrings that I'm wearing right now, and they're not too crazy, but they're a bit much, they're fine for what I'm doing right now. I probably would not wear them in one of my photo shoots. It's too much about the earrings. I don't want that. I want you to look at my eyeballs. So two styles that make sense with your target market. Again, the earth mom dress, the business casual pants suit, athletic attire, it's up to you.

And choose colors that number one, flatter your features because again, it's a picture of you and you also want them to make sense in your environment. So here's an example. If you're going to be taking photos outdoors in New England in autumn with all the beautiful leaves behind you, you can imagine that right now don't wear neon green. That's not going to make sense in the photo. You're going to try to wear clothing that blends with the environment that you are in. Now, in my photos, I wear a lot of saturated jewel tones because those are my colors. I think I look best in sapphire blue or emerald green, magenta. I look good in those, but I also love having photos with neutral tones. They're so versatile when you're using them later, like a white top or light gray pants or something like that. I get a lot of mileage out of neutrals, so I would go for a mix.

But again, don't go crazy with patterns. Patterns are not your best friend for photos like this. And regardless of the style that you choose or the shots that you know need, the very, very best advice I can give you is to get variety in your photo shoot because you can spend a bunch of money and you can spend hours and hours taking 400 different headshots sitting in the same chair in basically the same position, and in the end you'll pick the best one and then you'll have one usable photo. Oh, what a bummer. I had a shoot like that one time and the photographer, he was good, but he was very detail oriented, very, very precise. Every shot had to be set up just perfectly before he would click the shutter. And the photos were absolutely gorgeous, but they took so long that I only ended up with three or four photos that I could use and I was really kind of stiff in them because I was posing.

So it wasn't ideal. They didn't come out, they were good. Like I said, technically they were beautiful, but they didn't really feel like me and I didn't feel like I got the value for my dollar. So instead, use your photo shoot to take a variety of shots if you can be in different environments. That's really helpful. One of my very first photo shoots, actually it's the first time I hired a photographer. We went to the farmer's market and I'll talk a little bit about produce in just a second, but we went to the farmer's market and we did do shots there and then we walked around other parts of Alexandria. I was in Alexandria, Virginia, I was in Old Town, so there was a lot of these beautiful homes and very quaint looking streets, and we made sure to get a variety of environments, different angles.

You want to have some shots definitely where you're smiling and you're looking at the camera and somewhere maybe you're not smiling and some maybe where you're looking off to the side or you're looking down or you're not looking directly at the viewer. You're going to want wide shots. You're going to want close shots. Move, sit, stand, twirl in a circle, play with your hair, change your outfit a few times even because even in the same location, a different outfit makes for an entirely different look. And this way, at the end of your shoot, you're going to have like 10, 20, 30 usable photos maybe much, much more. Kim is saying here at my last photo shoot, the photographer suggested I wear a camisole so I could change my shirt on the fly in public. Yes, perfect idea. And I have done the same. I have also brought entire changes of clothes.

It's really helpful to have a friend with you. My boyfriend will come with me and just carry all my outfits during the shoot if we're walking around outside, if you don't have a dedicated space, it is hard to change clothes. So we would take note where public restrooms were, and in one case there was nowhere to change and I put his sweatshirt on over me. It was big and it just got changed underneath. So you do what you got to do, but that's a very, very good idea. And also having a camisole means you can put on like I'm wearing a jean jacket right now. You could put on a jean jacket, you could put on a blazer, you could put on a sweater and it looks like a brand new look even if you don't change the pants or the skirt that you're wearing.

So that makes for very fast sort of costume changes or actually changing your entire outfit. So I like that a lot depending on what your restrictions are and being able to change and the location and all of that. Now, I told you I was going to come back to talking about produce, right? Produce fruits, vegetables. I just want to flag this. I want you to be careful. It is really, really tempting to take the standard. I mean, I have them, every health coach I know has these, they're the sort of generic health coach photos. We've all done it and it just looks a little cliche. Do you know what I mean? It's going to be like you at the farmer's market laughing with greens around you holding up a head of kale or you in the kitchen with a bunch of fresh produce displayed on the counter.

Nothing like real life. You would never put all your produce out on the counter like that. In real life it is just a little bit weird. You're holding a tomato or you're tossing it in the air and you're smiling galy as if nothing has ever made you happier than fresh produce. Real, real typical health coach shot. Maybe you're even standing there and I've done this one too. You've got a cutting board, you're at like an island in a nice kitchen and you're slicing up that zucchini. And again, you're smiling and you're laughing for no reason because who laughs and smiles while they slice zucchini? It doesn't really make sense. So go ahead, take the kitchen shots, take the farmer's market shots, laugh with your salad and then get that out of your system. Remember, if these photos are meant to attract a certain type of client, that client, they might hate being in the kitchen.

Maybe they've never been to a farmer's market, they think it's kind weird, it's kind of too crunchy for them, right? Those very healthy food focused images that attract us that we like health coaches tend to want to take, that's going to attract other healthy food lovers, other people who like being in the kitchen, not your potential clients perhaps. So think about what your audience resonates with instead. I'm not saying you can never take a picture with an apple in your hand. Just don't be cliche. If you do a little search online of health coach photos, just Google that health coach photos, you will see exactly what I mean, exactly what I mean. Okay? Does anybody have those? By the way, do you have the shot of you laughing with a piece of produce in your hand? I mean, we all have them. We should make a fun little collage of everybody's laughing with salad pictures.

That's what I call them, laughing with salad. So let's get back to those three options for your shoot. Now that you have an idea of what you're going to wear and what your environment should be, et cetera. So you have the option for a $0 outdoor shoot where all you need remember is a phone and a friend or somebody or something to hold your phone. The most important part of a photo shoot, I'm going to say any photo shoot is the lighting. Now a good photographer who has the right equipment can do amazing things with lighting you by yourself with your phone a bit harder. So your best bet is to go outside and you're going to want to take photos around 4:00 PM depends on the time of year, but right, they call it the golden hour, right as the sun starts to set. Do not do your photos at 12 noon when the sun is directly above you and it's casting very harsh shadows on your face.

You want that soft diffuse light that happens at golden hour. And with that, it's much less likely that you're going to find a terrible shadow that just ruins your whole picture. Your skin's going to look better, those photos that are taken just at that perfect time of day, use that to your advantage, especially if you're not working with a professional. And also when you're outdoors, you don't have to worry about like, oh, does my house look good? Is my couch the right style? Do I want to take pictures here? Do I have to clean up? Et cetera, et cetera. Find an outdoor space instead and it really takes a load off. So there's that no money at all, and you can get it done. Jennifer saying if it was me, someone in the kitchen crying might be more appropriate, right?

I mean, I know we want to appear like we are professional and we're into nutrition and we're trying to get that across, but when you're too on the nose with it, it really kind of comes across as cheesy comes. It can really be cheesy. So just be careful with it. Okay, Kim says she has photos like that too. She said, yep, embarrassing. They're cute. I'm sure they're cute, they're all cute. We all do it. Let's talk real quick about that mid range photo shoot. And this is where you hire a photographer but not much else. You're still doing it on the cheap. So again, it's going to range so much. I think my first photo shoot, I paid less than $500 for a photographer and we probably did a half day shoot if I recall. She was brand new. She wanted the experience, she needed the experience. She was lovely and I got some good photos out of it. But I will say that towards the second half of the shoot, I started looking like death warmed over because my makeup had all come off. My hair was floppy.

I didn't even have a mirror with me. We were outdoors to check on myself, and I don't think I was even thinking about it, but I kind of looked a bit toward the end of the photo shoot. But the earlier photos came out really great. So that's what I learned about hiring a hair and makeup artist. We'll get to that in a second. You don't need one, but do bring a mirror. Do bring your makeup and some hairspray or whatever with you because photo shoots tend to be a few hours when you've hired a photographer and you want to make sure that each one captures you at your best. I don't mean glamor shots. My photographer who I've been using now for several years says, we just want you to look like you on your very best day. So not you with a ton of makeup that you don't normally wear or you with some fancy thing going on that you would never do in real life, but you on your best day.

Okay? So if you do hire a photographer, and I'm thinking that these days it would range between maybe a thousand dollars, $2,000 for a lower end photo shoot unless you have a friend or unless you can find someone who's brand new. It really helps if you prepare a shot list. This is kind of what I was talking about before. I need a wide shot that looks like this for my website. I need a picture holding this particular prop or whatever. I need a picture of me with my laptop or I need a picture of me with my produce, whatever it is, prepare the shot list ahead of time because your photographer is not going to know what you need. It's very likely a lot of photographers, especially the ones that you're going to find in this price range, they do a lot of family photo shoots, maybe a lower end wedding, that kind of thing.
They're not always shooting health coaches, they're not always shooting someone that is using the photos for online marketing purposes. So it really, really helps for you to tell them what you need and prepare that ahead of time. I did not always do that, and I would end up with a lot of random pictures that weren't quite the right orientation or the right shape or like, oh, I'm looking to the right and I needed to be looking to the left, or, you know what I mean? So it was always a little bit muddy, a little bit messy, trying to get them to work for me after they had come back from the photographer. So that's middle range. Again, I think you are best off shooting outdoors because a lower end photographer may or may not have the equipment or the skill to properly light an indoor shoot.

Also, you're just going to get more variety in an outdoor setting. And again, don't go shooting at noon. Do it towards the end of the day when the light is much more forgiving or very early in the morning. Same thing when the light is more forgiving. And then finally, a higher end photo shoot. And I know many of you are thinking about these numbers, there's no way I could spend this much on a photo shoot. I know neither could. I was spending a couple of hundred dollars if anything in the beginning. My very, very first photo shoot, it wasn't a photo shoot at all, it was just a friend of mine who had a good camera and he was like, let me take some pictures of you. And it was just a random day and I had no makeup on, and that's what I used on my website for a year.

So you might not be there yet, but I just want to tell you what's ahead and what's possible. So eventually I started hiring higher end photographers. My last photo shoot was the best I've ever had, and we had not only an amazing, Jenny is my photographer. She is so, so great. She really knows the industry. Yeah, she does weddings and stuff like that too, but she does a lot of online entrepreneurs. So when you say landing page to her, she knows what that means. She totally gets the industry and that has been so, so valuable. So she brings a lot to the table in that regard. We had our last photo shoot was complete with an indoor location that had lots of different backgrounds, chairs, plants, tables, things that we could drag in and out of the frame so that it looked like lots of different scenes and we accomplished it all in just like four hours.

I think there's hair, there's makeup. I love my hair and makeup artist. She does such beautiful work and she's just there to run over to me in the photo and be like, oh, Michelle, your curl is hanging in the wrong place. And she moves it or she just gets something out of my eye or she retouches my powder or something like that. So in the end, I have photos that really do not need to be retouched at all. It's not like I'm retouching photos to get rid of wrinkles and things like that. I would be retouching a photo because I had a hair that was going like this across my face and you have to fix it. The only thing that had to be done in Photoshop after my last photo shoot was I actually spilled coffee on myself during the shoot. So I had a big brown spot on a white shirt, but luckily that was very easy to clean up after the fact.
But having hair and makeup there along the way, she just makes sure everything is the way it should be for every photo so that I can just focus on relaxing and being myself and my photographer can take care of the lighting and the angles and every amazing thing that she does. Same thing. I want to go in with a shot list that Jenny knows what kind of photos I need. And when you're working with the hair and makeup artist, it's helpful to also provide them ahead of time with some looks to go by. I want my makeup kind of like this. I want my hair kind of like that so that they get a sense of what you're going for as well. And that'll really save you time once you get there. Kimberly saying, your photos are amazing. Thank you. It is so crazy. We go to school to become a health coach.

First of all, you think you're going to be a health coach. You don't realize how much marketing goes into it, and now you got to be a model. I mean, what? It can be very awkward. So my last tip I'll share with you for that is try to have people with you that make you feel comfortable. When I've done shoots by myself, just me and the photographer, and maybe the photographer has an assistant, I feel like I just feel a little unsure of myself. I'm not a model. And when in contrast to that, I've had shoots where my boyfriend comes with me or Jenny, who's my photographer now, and actually we know each other going way, way back, we used to do yoga together. So we have a friendship and that makes the shoot so much more enjoyable. It makes the photos come out more.

I think authentic. My face in all my photos looks, oh yeah, that looks like me. That doesn't look like me trying to smile. So try to bring somebody with you that's just going to keep you calm, make you laugh and relax. Anyway, that's just one part of your marketing. Of course, the photography that you're going to put into all the things, your website, your this, your that. If you want to address marketing in a more holistic sense, make sure to put your name on the wait list for this springs FastTrack semester. I'm going to give you that Uur L one more time. It is health coach power.com/waitlist. And if you do listen to this episode and take my advice and have your photo shoot, I would love to see the photos that come out of it. And I would adore if you would send me some of them over at support@healthcoachpower.com. I mean, I am cheering for you. I am your biggest fan and I want to see you succeed. So whenever you take the advice I give you in these episodes, I thrive seeing the results. It makes it all so much worthwhile. So that's just an open invitation to send me your favorite shots after your next photo shoot. Thank you so much for joining me today, everyone. I'll see you soon. Take care.