#67: Healing Skills To Boost Your Practice with Andrea Beaman

Do you feel confident in your ability to help your clients – even beyond weight loss or needing more energy? Think about healers who are invaluable to their clients, garnering referral after referral. That’s the sweet spot! In this episode, Andrea Beaman joins Michelle to share her secret sauce to healing.

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Michelle:             All right, hey, there health coaches. We are here live today. I am Michelle Pfennighaus, and as you know, I’m here every week dishing up what I know from 10 years of working as a health coach. Now, if you’ve been paying attention week after week, you know that we talk a lot about marketing, a lot about the logistics of running a business, but today is a very special episode. So I am thrilled that you can join us because I hear over and over from you guys, even though you’re in school, or maybe you’ve already been certified, maybe you’ve been certified for years as a health coach. You wonder, do I really know enough? Can I really help anybody? So we have a special guest today to help with this exact situation. Andrew Beaman is a good friend of mine. She’s one of my co-hosts on our show called The Healthy View.

She’s a health coach. She’s an herbalist. She’s an expert in ancient healing techniques. And Andrea has an amazing program for wellness professionals. It’s called the New Healer’s Master coaching program, which you can learn more about at healthcoachpower.com/healer and you can also save $100 with the code power 100 so Andrea, thank you for joining us today.

Andrea:             Thanks for having me. You know how much I love you. I got big love for you sister.

Michelle:             We spend a lot of time like this over zoom doing our thing. But today’s cool. We’ve never done something like this for health coaches before.

Andrea:             Yeah, well they need it. They need the help.

Michelle:             Yeah, it’s so true. It’s so true. So you guys, if you’re watching live right now, this is your chance to pick Andrea’s brain a little bit. She loves that. So throw your questions in the comments. I’m looking for them. We’ll see how many we can get to, but before we do that, I know some of you may not know Andrea, so you’re going to have to, I know, I know, right? What the heck. But you’ve been in this field like twice as long as I have. So just tell everybody a little bit about like what you do and how you do it.

Andrea:                Well, I am a health coach and herbalists, a natural food chef, a fabulous human being. And I’ve been doing this since 1999 and I love it. And I got started of course from a thyroid disease where I was told by my doctors, you get to radiate your thyroid and then be on medication for the rest of your life. And I was like, nope, there’s got to be another way. And I found it, thankfully it was in ancient medicine and using food as medicine and herbs as medicine and ancient healing techniques. And I dove in headfirst and I started studying that stuff because it was simply fascinating to me. Like I had gone to a conference with a Michio Kushi he was the founder of macrobiotics.

I went to a conference when I was first diagnosed with my thyroid disease in 1996 right? Long time ago. And uh, and he said, he just touched my little goiter and he goes, ah, too much frozen dairy. And I’m like, what the heck did he know that it was too much frozen dairy? At the time? I was like, I was eating pint of Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt. He’s bar crunch every night. I’m like, what the Hell is going on? And then he’s looking at my finger nails, he’s looking at my skin tone and texture. And he goes, he goes, your thyroid, you can heal. And you know, he said four months, he said, but he said, even bigger than that is breast cancer within five years in both your breasts. And I was like, how the heck can he see that? But just by looking at me on the outside, you know, when my mom had breast cancer, so it was a huge wake up call for me. So I immediately changed my diet, my lifestyle, my consciousness. I got involved in this and I healed my thyroid, it took two years it didn’t take four months. It To two years and I’ve never looked back.

Michelle:             No. And you have been doing so much educating along the way. I know when I first meet you when I first saw you, you were up on stage when I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. You’re on stages all over the place. I mean, anyway, you guys, if you haven’t met Andrea, you got so much to learn. Andrea, you have you just like talk and like drop knowledge bombs left and right. And I’m always listening and I want everyone who is a hanging out with us right now to listen to because we’re going to cover some great stuff. But let’s talk about what you said a minute ago about how, you know, health coaches really need the help. It’s true. So many coaches are struggling to get clients. I don’t know if you were ever struggling to get clients, but what do you think from your perspective, everybody’s missing

Andrea:                Missing some really solid skills, right? So I, I couldn’t have my business without the marketing, right? And you know that you’re the marketing queen, you are savvy as heck and I love your stuff so you can have your business, especially nowadays, not online without that. But where’s the depth? Like, where’s the knowledge, the skills, and that’s what I get. I get emails from people all the time and they’re like, I don’t feel confident. I don’t feel like I know enough. I don’t know this. I don’t know that. So they’re like, they’re trying to get the knowledge but they don’t know where to look. And now if we look at what’s happening in the world, there’s a resurgence of ancient healing techniques that are just blowing up all over the place. Iyer Vedic healing, TCM, it’s really coming up to the forefront and there’s a reason for that.

It’s what even the doctors are using right now. So when I go to a health guide to speak all over the place and I just spoke at a conference, which was all doctors, they want this knowledge as well. Like they have all the diagnostic testings that you, blood tests, saliva tests, you know, colonoscopies. They have all of that, but they are looking for something else as well. They’re going back to ancient knowledge because you could simply look at someone or listen to what’s happening inside their body. I’ve got an ache, I got a pain and know that a specific system is out of balance without going inside the body without an invasive technique, right? So, and then you could just tweak the Diet and the lifestyle or use a specific herbs and that body starts to go into balance like, well we need to do is step out of the way.

We’ll look, we’ll actually first listen to what the body’s saying, give it what it needs, whether it’s diet, lifestyle, consciousness, herbs, and then step out of the way and let the body heal itself. So that’s where co health coaches can excel because we don’t have eight years of fizzy, uh, you know, physiognomy right here. So how all those diagnostic skills, but the doctors have been taught, and I’m not going getting down on doctors, but they’ve been taught, which they’re trying to shake out of right now, that if there’s a disease, you put a medication and then another medication on top and then the medication. And we have seen over the past 100 years that that system is broken. That does not work. And more and more people are getting sick and six are now we have health coaches, right in health coaches have the opportunity right now to go in into this time of our life as human beings with skills, ancient skills that are accessible to everyone and start to apply them in the easiest ways. Oh, here’s what you can do for this. You have a kidney deficiency. Let’s build up that kidney with whatever it is. Meats, fats, being stocks. Oh, I’m sorry, you have a liver congestion. Well, here’s what you can do for that. A Nice little greens cleanse or fasting, right? So all of this is, is what health coaches can use to, to be on the forefront of the healthcare revolution, which is very exciting time to be in the world right now.

Michelle:             And this is great news for us because how many times are we like, well, I think, I don’t know, this might be happening with this client, but I can’t run the test, so I have to find a doctor, or I can’t prescribe a medicine, the medication, or I can’t do this, or I keep, we’re always talking about what we can’t do. And what I love about how you practice is there’s so much that we can do without special tools. In fact, I’ve seen you do some of this right over Skype or zoom or something, just seeing someone’s face like you’re seeing mine right now. And it’s fascinating. So I would, I would love if our audience today could walk away with something new that they can bring their clients or at least be thinking about the next time that they see their clients. Would you be able to teach us a thing or two right here?

Andrea:                Yes. Okay. So you see everybody, all the health coaches in the world, they’re putting people on cleanses. Right? So, um, now I, I understand that not everybody sees their clients. So I, in my practice personally, I use Skype or facetime. I have clients all over the world and I actually see them, I can look at their face and see them. So if you have the opportunity to see the people that you’re putting on cleanses, if they are sunken in the eyes, if they are showing three whites, meaning three whites, you see the three whites underneath the hair, right? So like my eyes are in the center here. So if you can see the white on the bottom like that, oh, like without, without pulling it down, without pulling it down. Yes. You can see that when people are really exhausted or they have that shows like the nervous system is really good night.

It’s like get ready to go to bed. Um, you don’t want to put somebody on a cleanse because that just that one visual clue sunken in here and then the whites onto the bottom is showing that that person is in a state of deficiency. And if they’re in deficiency, you do not want to put them on a cleanse. This is where you want to go. Okay. Bone stock. Uh, okay. More meats and fats. You don’t want to cleanse them out because then they will, they’re going to go into their own reserve system, which is the bones and the marrow, and they’re going to deplete their system even further. And that’s going to lead to adrenal fatigue and osteoporosis in the future. So I mean, that’s just one thing I just had. Um, I had a Webinar last week and I showed a picture of what Donald Trump’s face and someone that’s in a state of deficiency, right?

So the girl had, she had dark under eyes, sunken in very Pale and Donald’s face, he was swollen under his eyes and on top of his eyes, um, he had, I mean, I don’t know if they make him orange or for that, since he’s got a particular hew articular you. So like that’s a clear, clear scenario where I would put him on a cleanse. I would say, okay, you need some cleansing foods. You need, I would even say go smoothie land, go juices have juices for six months. Right? Just keep juicing and juicing, cleanse that system out because you could see by the swellings and the bloating that he’s too congested internally. Um, and then of course there’s the emotional, the emotional bloating underneath. But that’s a whole other story.

Michelle:             Yes. So you’re just looking at somebody like at a glance and you’re saying, oh, they’re a little bloated. They’re a little sunken. I remember you hear you saying one time something about, um, if somebody is sort of red and they’re carrying a lot of weight in their upper body that they’re just like walking around waiting for a heart attack. Am I remembering that correctly?

Andrea:                Yes. And if you look at, um, so like you see my tone, you see your tone is, is a certain shade and my tone is a certain shade. So if you look at my tone, if my nose were to be bright red, right, bright red, outside of this tone that I have now from being going, I went to the beach the other day. But if this nose was red, then you’re looking at a heart problem, right? So the circulatory system is not functioning well. A lot of times you’ll see on, um, on alcoholics, right? They’ve compromised their liver, which is also compromising the heart.

They’ll have a lot of red broken capillaries here, right? You’ll see that. So that’s that. They’re moving toward the tendency of, uh, liver heat, which is leading to heart disease, right? So liver heat, the capillaries, you have too much heat inside the system and almost like, it’s almost like an explosion is building, which is heart attack, right? The heart attack. It’s the heart is going to seize. It’s like, I can’t take this anymore. Um, so there are ways to see that. And you can also see that in people that are hypoglycemic with their blood sugar crashes, you’ll also see lots of broken capillaries, and that’s because they’re having a sugar imbalances, right? The sugar is not balanced. Uh, so like with smokers, a great example, smokers, if you look at their, their cheeks. So this area is connected with the lungs. So if you look at their cheeks, a lot of times it’ll have a gray hue, like gray, sometimes green, and you don’t necessarily, green is never a good color unless you are like Kermit the frog.

And green usually indicates the um, the transition of healthy cells to mutagenic cells. Right. So, um, I remember when I was first starting this whole entire journey when Michio, first said to me, he goes, oh, breast cancer in, in five years for you. And I was like, man, that’s crazy. But then when I was studying organ and Meridian diagnosis and visual diagnosis, I saw that on the outside of my ankles on both sides, but more prominent on my leg, on my right side outside of my ankle. Was it little green patch just like right there. And it was just like a green shade. It wasn’t like, um, it almost looked like a, like there was a discoloration on my skin. And now I know today that is, that is usually an indicator that there’s breast cancer developing or that breast cancer is there.

Michelle:             Wow. Yeah. And I don’t have those ankles right now. I got sandals on.

Andrea:                So that, yeah, look on the outside, it just shows the mutagenic cells are forming and they’re accumulating and that is on the, uh, on the Gallbladder Meridian, right? And it’s going to come up through this side of the body, right? So here, that’s, that’s where you’re seeing it’s, it’s actually um, pooling. The mutagenic cells are pooling. So you get that little green patch down at the bottom, even though the breast cancer is all the way up here. So you know, the whole body is connected, which we know, but what modern medicine did was they disconnected the whole body. It took off the parts and the pieces. Heart disease. You go to the heart doctor, lung disease, you go to the pulmonologist, right? You got the brain disease neurologist. But the whole entire body is connected.

And once we put the body back together again, you can see all of the different connections. It’s fascinating. This stuff really has illuminated my practice as a health coach. I couldn’t imagine having the clientele that I have today without the knowledge. Right? So when, uh, I’ve had clients that have stayed with me for years, almost like a, um, uh, like the, the, the doctor that’s in the town for 30 years. Right. And you, your whole family goes to the doctor, primary care physician almost. Yes. I’ve had clients that will come to me, they’ll send their mother to me, their Auntie to me, their sons to me there. Right. Because it’s, it’s so effective. It’s so effective.

Michelle:             Wow. And so that leads me to, we actually had a question from Julia who wanted some tips for getting repeat business and referrals. And I was thinking, Gosh, when you really have the ability to help someone heal, like that’s where you’re getting referrals. Right?

Andrea:                Totally. I’d say the majority of my people, like a lot of people find me on the web, but a large majority of the people that I work with are referrals from somebody that I worked with before, either a family member or a boss, a cousin. Uh, you know, I’ve had, I’ve had clients sign up their family members with me to work with their family members. Um, you know, almost like you’d send somebody to the doctor, you have to go to this doctor, you have to go to that doctor.

So it’s, and it takes practice. You’re not just going to get it overnight. So in my program, what we do is I have the students bring pictures, I have them bring their experiences, I have them bring whatever symptoms they are experiencing either with themselves, with their clients, and they bring that to the coaching calls. And then we go over piece by piece, okay, this is what it’s connected to and this is how you can see that. So it’s almost like a, um, you don’t how, um, when you go to medical school, you’re working on a cadaver or a dead person. So in, we don’t have any dead people that we work on dead people in New York City apartment. Weird. I know, I’m, I’m sure some people do, but I know, so we work on live cases, right? So the students will bring all my client has a red mole on the cheek or my client has a sharp pain in the left knee or an ache in the hip that won’t resolve no matter what they do, they went to the bone doctor.

The ache is still there. So that’s when we have the practical application of the knowledge. Because you could take classes to class after class, after class, but until you actually apply the knowledge and real life experience, you won’t get it.

Michelle:             Yeah, absolutely. All right, so let me throw one at you and if you know you guys want to throw a case, a little case into the comments. Hey, yeah. How about this one? I’m always asking you questions about my family because you’re good at this. Am I a, just to give everyone an idea of the magic of Andrea. So my son’s eight years old and you ask, sometimes people get chicken skin on the back of their arms. Yeah, yeah. I actually don’t have it anymore, but I used to, he has it. But recently he’s developed bumps like that on his face, like on his cheeks. And I keep looking at it like, is it going to get worse as it going to go away? And I have no idea what that could be from.

Andrea:                Okay. So the little bumps on the cheek, it could be a heat rash, especially if they don’t come up to, to be white. They have just little bumps or it could be an inability to digest and process fats. So we had the chicken skin on the back of the arms, which indicates that you’re not absorbing essential fatty acids. Right? Something’s happening.

A lack of absorption. So now they’re popping up here. So this is, this area is the lymphatic system, right? Just down here.

Michelle:             For anybody listening via podcast, Andrea was pointing to like just above the jaw line.

Andrea:                Yes. So this is lymphatic system and also kidney, right? So what is the lymph to the lymph carries the fats, right? Fat Soluble vitamins. It carries the fats. It’s also responsible for your immune system. So we need to look at his digestive system and the health of his liver and his gallbladder. And, um, so like something for that, I would say burdock root is wonderful because it helps you emulsify and break down the fats. Maybe a little tea with burdock root or even in his food, a little burdock root. Um, I wouldn’t say red clover so much, even though that’s good for the lymph, but more burdock.

So, burdock can be hard to find. So you would get it and you’d put it in a tea, right? Yeah, I’ve seen it at whole foods. You can buy the root. It’s like a big brown stick, right? Yeah. And he also, you may want to try yellow dock, like I don’t know what his, um, bowel movements are like, but he may want to try some yellow dock to help clear that up. And it just helps them absorb on a deeper level so that the lymph doesn’t get congested and clogged and throw things up toward the skin.

Michelle:             Fascinating. See you guys. I didn’t even know where to begin with that. Even if I don’t know all the answers now, exactly what to do exactly what to give him. I’m thinking, oh, has something to do with fat digestion and absorption. That is so super duper helpful.

Marnie has a question for you. Let me see if I’m understanding this correctly, Marnie. She says, when you’re helping people prevent things, so it was let’s say, prevent breast cancer or prevent heart disease. How do you connect success? I suppose if they don’t end up getting breast cancer, have you, how do you take credit for that?

Andrea:                Well, I don’t take credit for anything that my clients do, right. I always give them their power back. So when they heal something, they heal it. So as far as preventative medicine, which is where this is more a, this is the realm where we’re moving, right? Preventative Medicine, they will notice in their own body that they start to feel better. So little things that were bugging them before. Uh, and I’m, by the way, if I see on a client, like I don’t see, um, uh, well I, I don’t, I don’t do, shiatzu anymore. I used to do shiatzu 20 years ago I used to look at all the Meridians. Now, I just ask them where the pain is and they tell me, uh, so if I were to see that somebody had a green shade somewhere on their body or so they would, the indicators that cancer was there, I would never ever tell my client, I think you have breast cancer ever. Because the power of thought, if they don’t already have it. And if they believe me telling them that what I see that there’s a cancer, a chance of cancer, believe it or they will manifest that. So I never tell them. But what I do is I listen to their symptoms in their system and then I make dietary adjustments. Now this shifts their body into a state of better health and they start to feel those effects, right?

Whether now they’re going to the bathroom every day are they no longer have floaters in their eyes or their hair starts growing back, right? So I’ve had lots of clients in their sixties in their seventies and they’re like, they’re like, wow, my eyebrows grew back, my hair grew back. They started to have like baby hair coming in. So they know from that alone that their body is shifting into a state of healing. Now they’re not going to live forever and they could die of something. That’s just the way that it goes. We’re in and out of this life and you’re not getting out of here unscathed, right? But what we’re doing is putting their body into a better state of health so that they can better handle any disease that does come. If it does come, let’s say the cancer does manifest well, then we’re going to try and get them into a state of apoptosis, which is the depth of the cancer cell.

We’re going to put a lot of mushrooms in their diet, shitake’s miatikis, reishi, chagas, whatever they got going on. Uh, we’re going to get the detoxification systems moving well, right? If they fear cancer, like I’ve had clients that would say I’m afraid of colon cancer. Like my mother had colon cancer, my father had colon cancer. So I know that cancer runs in families because the family sits down to the same meal. They sit down to the same type of foods and they also have the same, similar, not the same, similar consciousness. Right? So now I try to shift them out of that state that they grew up in and the foods that they grew up in and putting in things that will naturally detoxify the colon, naturally detoxify the thoughts of cancer or heart disease or something like that.

Michelle:             That’s awesome. Our thoughts are powerful, the thoughts, but it’s also the physical, you know what you’re eating.

Here’s one from Emily. She said, I know someone who has a yellowish tint to the skin. Sunken eyes, elevated Billy Reuben, but still within range. Doctor seemed confused, but say not to worry. My intuition disagrees.

Andrea:                Yes, yes. My intuition disagrees as well. As soon as you said yellow skin, I’m thinking gallbladder and liver, right? So when the gallbladder and the liver are not functioning well, there will be a yellowish tone, a yellow tone. Um, so like even babies that are born with jaundice, yellow right there, yellow, generally yellow eyes, yellow skin. So, even though the doctors haven’t found anything because their technology only find something after it has fully manifested, right? They’ll find the liver disease after the liver has, right? It’s gone into the disease state. So you’re looking at the tone and the texture of your friend, uh, and she has the yellow tone, this and she has sunken eyes, right?

So this could be a liver blood deficiency, right? Where if they’re on the other end, swollen and puffed out, you’re going to go with the liver cleanse. Here, you’re dealing with the liver blood deficiency potentially. So you want to clear the liver channel gently, not like as in a cleanse, but gently. And you want to naturally build the liver blood. And the way that you build the liver blood is you have to support the kidneys because the kidneys are responsible for building blood in general. They’re the water element in the body and they’re going to feed the liver the blood that it needs. So, um, uh, I, you know, it’s twofold, right? You want to support kidney essence. You want to build that blood up so it feeds the liver, but you want to make sure that the liver can handle the blood and absorb the blood. So again, we’re going to look at something like burdock root. You’re going to look at a yellow dock, you going to look at some of those gentle cleansers that can also support the health of the liver.

Michelle:             So you mentioned this a little bit already, but tell us who would be a perfect fit for your New Healer’s Master Coaching program. And by participating, will we learn what you mean by supporting the kidneys and strengthening the liver and all this stuff?

Andrea:                Yes. So, who I’ve had come through the program are health coaches, Reiki masters, nurse practitioners, acupuncturists, energy workers, body workers, um, exercise enthusiasts end regular people who are just interested in health and wellness, right? They just want to, um, oh, look at this. Let me decline that.

Michelle:             Right? She’s getting calls as we speak.

Andrea:                Yeah, so you know, like it’s, it’s for anybody that’s in the health and wellness field that wants to deepen their knowledge. So this is a mentorship program and what I do is we have modules that are released every week and then there’s action guides to how to put this into practice, so to speak. So the action guides are the, where the rubber meets the road. And then we have coaching calls, live coaching calls where they bring any questions. Okay. And pictures I love, I love when they bring pictures to the calls, right? So then we get to see somebody’s face or discoloration, a bump or bruise. By the way, you should always treat a bruise and that’s from Oh from, and that’s Indian American, Indian medicine and traditional herbalism. When you get a bruise, you don’t just leave a bruise there, right? Cause this is damaged cells and damaged blood vessels. So, um, uh, you want to actually treat the bruise, meaning move the blood, get it to move, because those will eventually or can, if you don’t have a good detoxification system, those can eventually turn into mutagenic cells. So like something like yarrow or even as simple massage, right? Just to move the blood, right? You remember, you remember when you used to get a hickey or you, we’ve all had hickies

Michelle:             No, never, never have I ever.

Andrea:                and then you take a comb when you’re, yeah, right? Yes. Brush out the blood vessels, right? Literally moving the broken blood vessels and moving that energy. Otherwise you have this hicky for a long period of time. But I’m not saying I Hickey’s cause cancer, anything like that. But classically you would treat a bruise. You wouldn’t just, Oh, I got a bruise and let it sit. You would actually treat a bruise,

Michelle:             I never knew that. Although I did know the trick about the hickies. So I’ll say it again. For anybody listening. If you’re interested in Andrea’s program, go to healthcoachpower.com/healer and if you sign up, you can save $100 with code power100 as a little gift from me to you. Andrea, you are the best. Thank you so much. I’m glad you could join us today.

Andrea:                Thank you for letting me share. You know, I love sharing this knowledge. I love teaching people how to find health and wellness in their own homes and in their own life and with the health coaches, right? Because when people get healthier, we’re just living in a much happier world. I mean we’ve all seen miserable, unhappy, sick and down in the dumps people, right? So we want to try and uh, turn the tides a little bit.

Michelle:             I agree with you. That’s why like we’re all here together in this community because if one health coach is working real hard, that’s great. We can affect x number of lives. But we have like a team, we have like an army of health coaches in this community and if we all help one or two people, like now the world’s changing. So anyway, I know you’re doing your part Andrea.

Andrea:                Thanks Michelle. You too because you’re getting them out there, you know, I’ll give them all the skills that they need. You get them out there into the world, get them marketing themselves, pushing them out into a bigger space. It’s good stuff.

Michelle:             It is good stuff. And that’s all we have time for today you guys. I want to make sure that you check out Andrea’s program again, healthcoachpower.com/healer use code power100 to save $100 and I’ll be back next week. I’ll see you guys then.