You’re smart. Passionate. And a total health nerd.

We have a lot in common already.

You’re smart. Passionate. And a total health nerd.

We have a lot in common already.

I know how hard you've worked to complete your health coach certification and how excited you are to help others live their best lives.

(The world needs more people like us!)

I also know that you’ve likely gone through your program unprepared for the shock of having to step into your new role as an entrepreneur.

You’d imagined sipping green smoothies, earning a great income and living a life of freedom...but the reality is more like hustling hard for a handful of 1-on-1 sessions that don’t pay the bills, struggling with social media, and hiding your doubt from loved ones who ask, “So, how many clients do you have?”

If you’re nodding along, then I’m here to tell you that this is 100% normal and to be expected (and there is a solution – I promise!)

Why do I know this?

Because 10 years ago, I was you.


And while I now run a thriving health coaching business that gives me the freedom to raise my kids and an income to put five skylights in my house from just one month... it wasn’t always that way.

In fact I was a complete wreck when I started out.

I spent my days racing from one task to another. In-person workshops, farmer’s markets, networking events, pantry clean-outs, cooking classes, name it, I tried it. But because my efforts were unfocused, I didn’t see results. I struggled for 4 long years.

I ended up burned-out, anxious, and depressed.

The exact opposite of what I had signed up for when I bought into a career as a health coach.

And the worst part? When I broke down all the time I was putting in by the hour, I was making minimum wage (sometimes less) for all this effort.

I mean...I didn’t I leave my corporate career so I could feel more exhausted, unhappy and broke...

Did you?

It was out of exasperation that I took a hard look at my to-do list and crossed-off everything that wasn’t moving me forward and wasn’t making me money.

All the time-wasting fluff, complicated shiny-objects and B.S. had to go.

I needed a simple plan that would allow me to succeed. Something that would let me FINALLY step into my role as an entrepreneur.

The outcome?

A straightforward 3-phase business and marketing plan made by a health coach, for health coaches. And unlike other plans that are woo-woo, impractical, or vague… my 3-phase system is a step-by-step approach to marketing that gives you the EXACT steps to follow.

It has gone on to help me AND hundreds of other health coaches draw a straight line from zero to profitable practice.

A plan that is repeatable, sustainable, and joyful. One that delivers on the flexible, lucrative career that you signed up for!

This simple but unique plan has proven to be the missing piece for most ambitious health coaches who have a certification, but need a concrete blueprint for growing a sustainable and profitable business.


"Following Michelle's guidelines, I just got the gig. I am thrilled. This is my first paid job. Feeling very grateful. Thanks Michelle."

Cheryl Meyer, Author of It Feels Good to Feel Good

"I used Michelle’s email templates, hit send and – within minutes, no exaggeration – I had a new paying client.”

Aileen Axtmayer,

Since then I’ve gone on to:

  • Run a thriving health coaching business where I help women reach their highest potential (one client went from zero energy to climbing Everest’s basecamp!)

  • Helped thousands of health coaches (from various coaching schools) step into their own profitable businesses so they can live life on their own terms.

  • Get featured on networks like ABC, CBS, She Knows Parenting, the documentary Lemonade, and more.

  • Become a guest lecturer at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a focus on marketing and business building.

I tell you all these things because if I can do it, you can do it too.

So here’s what I want you to know more than anything:

  • YOU matter. Your passion matters. Your work as a health coach matters. Signing on to a life as a coach was not a mistake. The world needs you and completing your certification proves that you have what it takes to succeed.

  • If you’re struggling to find clients or earn a steady living, it’s likely not your fault. Anybody would have trouble growing without a solid plan to guide them. It’s no wonder that you’ve stumbled, you’ve been missing a KEY part of the puzzle!

  • Becoming an entrepreneur and running a profitable business is a skill you can learn. Even if you’re a beginner, even if you’re not tech savvy, and even if other business programs haven’t worked for you. I’ve helped women of all ages, and all backgrounds. And there is a place at the table for all of them as long as they’re willing to show up and do the work.

  • Building a successful business is NOT about burning out or hustling hard. It’s about consistent, small actions that move you forward. I’ve helped plenty of busy women grow a sustainable practice that gives them control over their time, and control over their day. And you can build one too.

Screw That


“Because of Michelle, I’ve increased my earnings by 50%. The best part has been streamlining my marketing process so I know exactly what to work on and when. Thank you for providing a step-by-step, comprehensive plan that truly works to grow a business."

Rachel, Meyer

“Before finding Michelle, I was going to quit. I had graduated from my health coaching school 4 months previous and I still had no idea what I was doing. Any of you grads can understand this; there is no direction in our certifications on how to actually find clients and be in business. I remember completing the last modules of health coach training and getting especially frustrated that we were learning WHAT to send to our mailing list, without any lessons on HOW to get a mailing list in the first place.

So I was spending a ton of time on social media spinning my wheels. And I had no clients, no one even looked at my stuff. Then I started getting Michelle’s emails about Healthy Profit University. I opened one email and then another and another and then 3 weeks later I was purchasing the course. Something I never thought I would do. As a waitress who is still paying off my tuition, I was not exactly in the best position to be spending a chunk of money on another class. But that was just it- if this lady had managed to convince ME to buy her program, she is the person that I need to be learning from.

And I have learned a ton. I understand how the marketing of a coaching business works, and I understand where my clients are going to come from and why. There are email templates and workshop templates, and great ideas for branding and social media presence. Most helpful of all is the fact that I can ask any question to the private group and get expert opinions immediately. I have learned the technical side of webinars and live videos. I have workshops scheduled. I will have an article published in a magazine next year. I have a blog and a weekly email. I have a mailing list of over 100 people who are in my target market. And my business paid my rent this month! Crazy feeling! I have a business!”

Laura McWilliams,

Can a simple 3-phase plan really change your business?

YES! The answer is yes. I’m not about fluff, I’m not about shiny objects. I’m definitely not about spending $$$$ on a zillion tools or outsourced help.

Coaches who follow an easy to understand blueprint will often see rapid change:

Screw That

A health coach with an easy to follow business blueprint:

  • In 21 days: Can be taking small, daily actions that will put them on the path to success
  • In 90 days: Can see their work pay off as their mailing list grows, and booking clients becomes easier
  • In 1 year: Has stepped into their potential as a successful health coach with a steady stream of revenue, freedom to manage their own schedule, and a life on their own terms

A health coach without an easy to follow business blueprint:

  • In 21 days: Is often frustrated and anxious. Piecing together advice from different sources that are incomplete or irrelevant to the health coaching field
  • In 90 days: Losing motivation and drive, feeling discouraged because all of the unfocused effort isn’t turning into a steady stream of clients
  • In 1 year: Has likely given up on their dream career or has put it on the back burner (where it will probably stay)

So we’re now at the bottom of the page… are you ready to take your next best step?

If so, I invite you to join my free training learn how to plan your health coaching business so you can earn the salary you want.

  • The strategies that helped me go from 0 to 9,337 subscribers without Facebook ads
  • How to turn that list into a steady stream of clients month after month
  • My secret to earning more with less time spent working
  • BONUS: Walk away with a 12 month plan for your own income goals