#226: Help! Marketers Are Harassing Health Coaches At Every Turn

If you’ve been getting messages from perfect strangers trying to help you with your social media strategy or business coaches promising a 6-figure business plan – that’s unfortunately very common. In this episode Michelle will help you see past the annoyance and find help for your business with a proven track record.

#225: 100 Health Coach Niche Ideas

Your niche (or target market) is the most fundamental aspect of marketing yourself as a health coach. But how do you choose? Join me to discuss 100 possible niche ideas (with endless variations) and how to choose the right one for you.

#222: Overcome the 5 Most Common Health Coach Challenges

Simone C. posted in our Facebook group: “Sometimes I feel like I’m on an island….my family thinks I’m mostly nuts for caring about what foods I eat.” She’s not alone! Listen to today’s episodes for help around this, and 4 other common challenges health coaches face.

#91: Build Your Audience

In this episode Michelle explores the idea of building an audience full of your perfect, prospective clients – and her 2 favorite methods for accomplishing this task.

#80: Running a 5 Day Challenge

ep 80 running a 5 day challenge

5 Day Challenges are fun, full of energy and a great way to build your list or sell your services. But how do you put one together? Today I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about doing it right.

#79: Naming Your Business

Ever struggle with what to name your business? I certainly have — 10 years ago I wracked my brain to come up with a name, and just this past year I had to do it all over again. Today we’ll talk about what works, what doesn’t.

#78: Start Your Own Facebook Group

Have you ever considered starting a Facebook group for your own business? I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this so today I’ll tell you everything I know about starting a group…including IF you should in the first place.