#77: How I’ve Used Recipes To Grow My Health Coaching Business

Food (especially delicious, beautiful food) can really open up a conversation about how to eat well. BUT there are some major pitfalls to avoid when creating and sharing recipes. In this episode, Michelle and Ashley Sauvé from That Clean Life brainstorm different ways to use recipes in your business.

#76: A Behind the Scenes Chat With My Project Manager Stephanie

Do you feel like you’re in control of your business? In this episode, Michelle gets super transparent about how at a certain point, she truly felt like she wasn’t in control of her business…and how her project manager, Stephanie, helped turn that around.

#75: Business Survival Is All About…

Why do so many health coaching businesses fail? In this episode Michelle shares the MAIN reasons any business will fail and why health coaches are constantly falling into these traps.

#74: The Easiest Way To Sell

Have you ever wanted to offer a program or an event but didn’t know how to get people to sign up? In this episode, Michelle shares the #1 easiest, most elegant way to make sales.

#72: Why You Don’t Have To Be Salesy

Bet you never thought being a health coach was going to involve so much…selling. Does it make you cringe? Don’t worry – in this episode, Michelle shares 3 reasons why you don’t have to become a used car salesperson..

#71: How I Collect a Client’s Health History

When you have someone interested in working with you and you want to schedule a consultation…do you give them a health history form to fill out? And if so…what goes on that form?

#70: Launching Your Programs

When you’re running your own business it can be scary to take time off. It’s like – wait, what if I miss out on an opportunity? What if I don’t make any money and then next month I’m screwed?

#69: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

How comfortable are you putting yourself out there and calling yourself a health coach? Do you ever feel like a big phony baloney?