#244: How Do Health Coaches Make Money?

We know that health coaches guide and support. And we know health coaches sometimes create recipes and Instagram reels. But how, pray tell, do health coaches make money?? Listen and find out!

#243: Get Your Health Coaching Business Off the Ground (Finally!)

Why do health coaches have such a hard time getting their business off the ground? People desperately need help with their health, so this should be a no-brainer. Listen in for some theories about what’s holding us back as an industry – and a plan to get you in motion.

#241: Meet me in San Diego this June! (Here’s how…)

Michelle hasn’t had the chance to meet up with health coaches in-person in about 10 years…but that’s about to change. Listen in to see how you can connect with Michelle and our fellow health coaches this June 2023 for a weekend of fun, wellness and learning.

#237: Can Health Coaches Bill Insurance? (And Should You?)

Recently Lisa asked in our group, “Has anyone used a code to get a client’s insurance to cover coaching? The answer isn’t exactly straightforward, so this week Michelle provides perspective on whether accepting insurance is for you or not.