#236: How Does a New Coach Get Clients?

Last week Janice commented “I’ve spent a small fortune already, how does a new coach get clients?” We love that kind of cut-to-the-chase attitude, so in this episode Michelle shares 3 ways to think about how and why clients hire health coaches.

#234: Top Marketing Strategies For Health Coaches

You want to sell your health coaching program – but how? In this live Q&A session Michelle shares which strategies she’s found to work best so you don’t end up chasing shiny objects and wasting time.

#233: What is Healthy Profit University?

What is Healthy Profit University?

You may have heard Michelle mention Healthy Profit University…or maybe you’re even a member! In this episode Michelle makes some big announcements about NBHWC approval and explains the difference between the courses she’s developed specifically for health coaches.

#231: Use This Coaching Skill To Better Help Clients (& Your Business)

It’s that time of year when New Year’s goals have worn off and clients may be feeling discouraged. (Or maybe YOU haven’t quite made the business progress you intended in January?) Here’s an important coaching skill to redefine and reframe goals so they don’t end in frustration.

E230: Become a More Confident Health Coach with ONE Simple Trick

If you’re like most health coaches, you came out of school feeling like you’re not ready to take clients yet. Or, if you’re already seeing clients, you may wonder if your sessions are as impactful as they could be. In this episode Michelle shares WHY so many health coaches feel that way…and 1 simple trick to get you out there, doing the work confidently.

#228: How To Use Your Health Coach Email List

You’ve heard you need an email list…maybe you’ve even set one up. But then what? In this episode Michelle discusses what you’re supposed to be emailing about – and why. She shares the three main categories of email marketing… including what to write in your very first mailing.

#227: [Coach the Coach] Engaging Workshop Ideas For Health Coaches

If you’re running a workshop you want to make sure that attendees are fully engaged, getting to know you, and thinking about their own health issues in a new way. How? Have a listen as our coaches brainstorm ideas and share what’s worked for them in the past.