#212: Using Done-For-You Content with Jamie Jones

There’s a ton of done-for-you content available for health coaches. So, should you use it, plug-and-play style? Or commit to writing every word from scratch? Your voice and brand are important in setting you apart in a crowded health and wellness space, so listen and hear what Michelle has to say about it!

#211: New To Coaching? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Health Coach Power Episode 211

If we had a nickel for every time a new health coach went down a rabbit hole and wasted weeks of time and energy on something *that wasn’t even necessary*…well, we’d have a lot of nickels. Listen to hear about the most common mistakes new coaches make.

#210: My First 3 Clients (and How To Find Yours)

Join Michelle as she shares about 3 of her very first health coaching clients – how she found them, what their programs looked like and the results they got. It was kind of rocky in the beginning, you’ll see!

#209: The 1 Thing You Must Turn “ON” For Business Success

My 3 Biggest Podcasting Lessons Learned Along the Way

Feeling unsure? Stuck? Not making the progress you hoped for? In this episode Michelle shares about the 1 thing you have to turn ON (and what you have to turn OFF) if you want to build a successful health coaching business. It’s a very simple, powerful lesson.