[Bonus] The most important writing skill: Know What To Write Challenge Day 3

what to write bonus challenge day 3

Over the course of this free 3-day event, our health coaches have started putting together a well-written, professional bio. Today Michelle will help you polish it up with the most important writing skill of all. Make sure you’re on the list for this free event before 9/14/23: HealthCoachPower.com/whattowrite

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Full transcript:

All right, health coaches, we are in our final day of our free three day training called Know exactly what to write and Attract more clients, because that's what we want to do, right? We want to use our words to attract the exact type of client that wants to work with us so that we can help more people. We can impact the world in a positive way. We can spread the love. That's why we became health coaches, right? Because we want to help people. So let's make sure our words are doing exactly that. Over these three days together, we've been working on a very specific piece of copywriting to help you attract clients effortlessly, and you've been learning skills that are going to help all your marketing moving forward. Believe me, and this has been a free gift from me to you, everyone on my mailing list.

If you haven't been getting the emails, well, gosh darn it. I want you to, so get on the list right now. You can jump on at healthcoachpower.com/whattowrite, and if you're a little late, that's okay. You have until September 14th. That's 2023. Today, I'm helping our group polish their professional bio to a final draft. That's the project we've been working on, and it's important you're going to be able to use a professional bio on a flyer if you post a flyer old school, right? But help coaches do hang flyers. It's a good, easy way to market yourself, no technology required. Guess what you need on that though, something about who you are. You're also going to need a bio whenever you're being featured or when you're interviewed. Imagine that you're on a podcast and the host needs to read an introduction and tell the audience who you are. .

Boom. They need a bio. All of us need a professional bio in this field, so we've been working on it all week. How are we going to polish that bio up today? We are going to be utilizing the most important writing skill of all, which I will talk about during this afternoon's live. We will be on Zoom at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. You've got to be on the list to join us over in Zoom, so hurry, hurry, hurry, because this is your last chance. This is our last live session, although all the replays are going to be available until September 14th, but you do have to be registered to get those too. So you want to go to healthcoachpower.com/whattowrite. .

Now, our free three day challenge ends today, but this fall I'm going to be helping a group of health coaches do a whole lot more of this writing thing, and we can have a whole lot of fun together. Think emails, think social media posts, and about page for your website, and we will be doing it live together inside Copywriting for Health coaches, which starts this month. I am thrilled. We did this last year and it was so great. I brought it back. Details can be found and enrollment is open at healthcoachpower.com/writing. I hope to see there.