#70: Launching Your Programs

When you’re running your own business it can be scary to take time off. It’s like – wait, what if I miss out on an opportunity? What if I don’t make any money and then next month I’m screwed?

#64: The Overwhelm of Trying To Do It All

If you’re trying to do *allthethings* and paying the price with your health and/or sanity…you’re not alone. In fact, health coaches seem to be particularly susceptible to this problem.

#62: Holding Corporate Workshops

Have you ever thought about holding a corporate workshop as a way to get more clients? It’s a smart idea – but can be challenging. So how do you go about it? In this episode Michelle shares her experience.

#61: Choosing the Right Email Marketing Tool

Is Mailchimp for chumps? Hey, whatever email marketing service you choose, there are pros and cons. And certain services are appropriate for health coaches at different seasons of their business.

#60: Should You Become a Health Coach?

This episode is for all of you who are not currently practicing as a health coach. You’re wondering, “Is health coaching really for me?” Maybe you’re certified but never got your business going. Or maybe you’re only considering becoming a health coach.

#59: The #1 Marketing Skill You Need Help With

Health coaches often say,”Michelle, I HATE marketing! I stink at it!” And that makes sense because they’ll also say, “I hate writing.” Well guess what? Those two things go hand-in-hand!

#58: How To Be a Powerful Virtual Coach

Are you working with clients in person? Or do you have more of a virtual arrangement where you coach clients long-distance? In this episode we’ll talk all about HOW to coach virtually, how to bridge that gap, and still create powerful transformations.

#57: What To Do When Clients Don’t Pay

Running a business requires facing money issues – like clients who don’t pay on time (or ever.) In this episode Michelle shares how to gracefully handle such situations without compromising your own sanity or health.

#56: How To Streamline Your Content Creation

Are you getting overwhelmed by blogging and emails, podcasts and social media? You are not alone and this week we’ll talk about streamlining your content creation process so you can do LESS and achieve MORE with your time.