#55: Giving Away Free Advice: Good Idea/Bad Idea?

What do you say when someone wants to “pick your brain” and get advice…but not actually book a consultation or become a client? Are there times when it’s beneficial to go ahead and give free advice? In this episode Michelle talks about handling it gracefully.

#54: Self Care For the Health Coach

Entrepreneurs often work harder and stress out more than anyone else. (Yes, even health coaches!) In this episode, forget about clients for a bit as Michelle tackles the task of bringing extreme health care into your life, and hers.

#52: Your Virtual Coaching Setup

Want to be a virtual health coach but not sure how that works? Michelle has been working virtually for a decade and in this episode she shares the pros, the cons and exactly what tools you need to make it happen.

#51: Facebook Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

How can you use Facebook to market your health coaching business? Do you really need a business page or can you use your personal profile? And what about Facebook groups?

#50: My First Business Coach

Have you considered getting some outside help with your health coaching business? In this episode, Michelle shares about her own journey and how she hired her first business coach many years ago.

#49: Asking For Money

Does it give you the heebie jeebies to state your prices and ask someone for a credit card number? In this episode Michelle explores why that happens and how to reframe your money mindset.

#48: Why Clients Don’t Sign Up

How many times have you spoken with a potential client but it went…nowhere? In this episode, Michelle talks about why clients don’t sign up for health coaching…and what you should be selling instead.

#47: Getting Clients

In this episode Michelle talks about how to get clients…not just one or two, but a steady stream. Because holy moly, did you ever think it was going to be this hard?

#46: Blogging: How & Why I Do It

Want to start a blog? Or improve the one you have? In this episode, Michelle tackles the question of whether you should start a blog – and if so, how to make sure it actually benefits your business’ bottom line!