#7: Closing The Deal Anxiety

When you’re meeting with a prospective client, do you break out into a cold sweat thinking about “closing the deal”? You’re not alone. In this episode, Michelle shares her most powerful tool for signing clients during that initial consultation and more.

#5: Insurance, LLCs and Tax IDs…oh my!

This week, Michelle talks about all of those nit-picky business items that can drive you crazy, like business registration, insurance and tax ID numbers. She also covers secrets for great video lighting, why you should stop looking at other health coaches’ websites and much more.

#4: Working with children in your practice

In this episode, Michelle advises how to go about working with children in your health coaching practice, what to do with a client who has hormonal imbalances and shares her favorite book on nutrition for pregnancy.

#2: Which Website Platform Should You Choose?

Subscribe to the Health Coach Power Community Podcast on iTunes This week, Michelle answers questions about: Which website platform to choose How to survey your audience effectively How to help a client who is afraid to lose 100 lbs. because of the possibility of saggy skin …and much more Tune in weekly for more candid answers and ask your own …