#228: How To Use Your Health Coach Email List

You’ve heard you need an email list…maybe you’ve even set one up. But then what? In this episode Michelle discusses what you’re supposed to be emailing about – and why. She shares the three main categories of email marketing… including what to write in your very first mailing.

#227: [Coach the Coach] Engaging Workshop Ideas For Health Coaches

If you’re running a workshop you want to make sure that attendees are fully engaged, getting to know you, and thinking about their own health issues in a new way. How? Have a listen as our coaches brainstorm ideas and share what’s worked for them in the past.

#226: Help! Marketers Are Harassing Health Coaches At Every Turn

If you’ve been getting messages from perfect strangers trying to help you with your social media strategy or business coaches promising a 6-figure business plan – that’s unfortunately very common. In this episode Michelle will help you see past the annoyance and find help for your business with a proven track record.

#225: 100 Health Coach Niche Ideas

Your niche (or target market) is the most fundamental aspect of marketing yourself as a health coach. But how do you choose? Join me to discuss 100 possible niche ideas (with endless variations) and how to choose the right one for you.

#223: January Ideas For Your Health Coaching Business

In today’s episode Michelle share ideas and inspiration for your business that’ll work beautifully in the New Year. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been coaching for awhile, these are sure to spark some creative juices and help you start 2023 with a bang!

#222: Overcome the 5 Most Common Health Coach Challenges

Simone C. posted in our Facebook group: “Sometimes I feel like I’m on an island….my family thinks I’m mostly nuts for caring about what foods I eat.” She’s not alone! Listen to today’s episodes for help around this, and 4 other common challenges health coaches face.

#221: Likability – The X Factor For Client Attraction

Feel like you’ve done all the things and yet clients are hard to come by? Consider the secret sauce behind most successful coaches’ careers – it’s all about that know, like, trust factor. Michelle breaks it down into 7 components so you can honestly assess your public persona.