Health Coaches: How To Nail an Interview

Early on in my health coaching career I stumbled into getting interviewed on a nationally syndicated public radio show. Eek!

I had no idea what I was doing. Was it thrilling to be heard on NPR? Yes. Did it directly help my business? No – because I didn’t know how to take advantage of the opportunity.

These days, with my own live radio show reaching a worldwide audience, I’ve been getting a first hand look at what makes a compelling interview – and more importantly, a business-building bit of publicity.

Here’s an example of a health coach being interviewed on Healthy View Radio and doing an AWESOME job.

Sharon killed it because she followed some important DO’s and DON’T of interviewing:


– Have a point of view. No one wants to hear vague promises of health and balance. Talk about something most people don’t know. Talk about something controversial. Speak to a specific target market’s big problems. Give us a reason to perk up our ears.

– Give listeners a concrete way to get more from you and have a URL to share that is easy to speak aloud.


– Have a generic biography. Everyone believes in the power of food and empowers their clients to achieve their best self. Blah blah bor-ing. We want to hear about how you overcame leukemia, love to rollerskate or believe that the key to health is eating ice cream. Make it memorable.

– Don’t giggle. On too many of my early interviews I giggled my way through the interviewer’s questions. Now is the time to step into your role as an expert. Fake it ’til you make it and speak with confidence.

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