Are You Ready To Get Your Health Coaching Business Off The Ground?

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Starting your health coaching business is like getting off a plane in a new country. It’s exciting – there’s so much to look forward to! can be scary. Confusing. You might not speak the language or have a good map to follow.


It’s not that you aren’t willing to work – after all, this is the kind of work you WANT to do. You’ve invested your time and money to become certified as a health coach. You’re ready to make it happen.

But let’s face it. Things are going more slowly than you thought they would. The business side of entrepreneurship is intimidating. And clients aren’t exactly falling out of the sky. Even if they were…you’re not sure you’re ready for them.

You’re feeling nervous. A bit stuck. Self doubt creeps in. Maybe you’re questioning if this was a good career move after all.

Imagine your seedling business growing strong.

Slow and steady, it comes to life.

You are seeing clients and establishing yourself as an expert. When someone asks, “What do you do?” you don’t miss a beat. You feel more confidence than ever before. And when you sit down to work, you know exactly what you need to do. No more wasting time!


When I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I sat waaaaaay in the back row.

(Back then, classes were live in New York.)

Every month, I watched my classmates take the microphone and share their successes. We were only halfway through the curriculum and already many of them had started seeing paying clients and getting great results.

I felt jealous and completely doubted that I’d ever be in their shoes. After all, I was still working in advertising. Why would anyone ever trust me as a health expert?

Then there were layoffs at work and I found myself without a job. It was like a fire got lit within me to get my health coaching business off the ground!

I had absolutely zero idea what I was doing.

But little by little, the puzzle pieces fell into place. Seven years later I can see what worked for me…and what was a waste of time and energy. Whew! Hindsight is amazing.

Now I work predominantly as a health coach (and I love it!) but I am also regularly asked to contribute to IIN’s curriculum and have mentored thousands of IIN graduates.

In Seed to Sprout you’ll build your business by taking action, getting experience and gaining confidence.


There are 3 stories that will sabotage your business success:

The Tale of Never-Ending Continuing Ed
In this story, the main character thinks she needs more and more certifications. She becomes a health coach, a yoga teacher, a raw foods chef, a massage therapist and a detox specialist before even considering seeing clients. And then she signs up for several heavy-hitting marketing courses that will take her two years to complete and maybe after THAT she can send her first newsletter.

The Turtle and The Kale
Once upon a time there was a health coach who loved drinking her green juice…but couldn’t bring herself to speak up and tell the world why. She stayed in her shell, hoping clients would come to her door. Maybe. Because she didn’t really trust that she could help anyone. Eventually she went back to her job in pharmaceutical sales.

The Little Engine That Could Get Adrenal Fatigue
This health coach said “I think I can” to everything that came her way. She joined every group, listened to every so-called expert and threw herself at everything so hard she ended up confused, completely overwhelmed and paralyzed when it came to actually getting her business going.

In all three cases the main character is so worried she’ll do things imperfectly, she ends up doing perfectly nothing (or very little) with her business at all.

You will get lifetime access to:

Seed To Sprout program

Module 1: Get Your Head In The Game
“I don’t feel ready!” Understand why you’re perfectly ready to get your business off the ground. Learn how to introduce yourself and answer the question, “What do you do?” Find out why clients will hire you – yes YOU – even when you’re just starting out.

Module 2: Marketing Basics
“Where do I begin??” Learn how to decide if a marketing tactic is worth pursuing…or not. You’ll take first steps towards setting up your own public event and create a game plan for social media and figuring out your target market.

Module 3: Email Marketing
“Ahhhhh! This feels scary!” Start your list, set up your first email and banish the fear that’s been holding you back. Learn best practices for color, type styles and layout. Get a strategy for knowing what to write. Find out how to use basic analytics to measure your emails’ effectiveness.

Module 4: 1-on-1 Coaching
“What will we talk about?” Working 1-on-1 with clients can be intimidating. In this video I’ll share my approach to getting clients and working in private sessions, while avoiding personal burnout. Group coaching will also be addressed.

Module 5: Expand Your Audience With Workshops & More
“I have 12 names on my list.” That’s ok. Everyone starts somewhere! This session will focus on steadily building your audience and growing your business. You’ll be prompted step-by-step to execute your first public workshop.

Module 6: Gettin’ Down To Business
“My family thinks this is a hobby.” Finally, we’ll talk about the difference between a hobby and a business and make sure you are creating the latter. Managing finances, setting business hours, and more. You want a real business that earns income, yes?

No fluff here, ok? Each 10-20 minute video cuts straight to the heart of the matter with humor and full transparency.

Interactive worksheets
Hey, don’t just sit there! Businesses don’t build themselves. Instead, take action with these worksheets designed to help you implement what you’re learning right away. You’ll bridge the gab between theory and practice…and start earning money for your services.

Daily Facebook Support
For camaraderie with your peers and ongoing support from me, we’ll make Facebook our daily stomping grounds. Check in about the latest assignment or share some inspiration. We are all in this together and it’s so much more fun when we aren’t working alone.

S2S bonuses

Email Cheatsheets, Client Session Outlines & Scheduling Templates

Not sure what to write? Not sure what to say? Not sure how to spend your time? I know, I felt the SAME way when I was starting out. These cheatsheets and outlines will give you a starting place for writing your emails, working with clients and scheduling your time. And they’re based on exactly how I run my own business.

Monthly Live Office Hours with Michelle

Live check-in’s keep you accountable and ensure that every single one of your questions get answered. Plus, it sure is nice to hear each other’s voice, isn’t it? Can’t make it? Submit your questions in advance. Each session will be recorded.

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Seed to sprout


The majority of health coaches never get their businesses off the ground.

Will you? Do you have the right experience? Maybe. Do you have a community of peers going through the exact same thing and NOT turning to cheesy marketing gimmicks or flat out giving up?

You could figure this all out on your own, like I did. But it takes years. How ’bout a boost?

Pssst…it’s a tax write-off for your business.