What is Practice Better? (And why I recommend it for health coaches)

I started my health coaching business in 2009 with a filing cabinet, notebook and wall calendar to keep track of clients.

It was a simple system, and it worked.


But I was forever making time zone mistakes when scheduling client sessions. Emailing PDFs for clients to sign was a clunky process. I needed a better way to send invoices. Etc.

(Maybe you’ve been experiencing this too?)

That’s why I was SO thrilled to be introduced to a tool called Practice Better back when it was new to the market. It transformed my business then, and continues to be the very best friend any health coaching business can have…

…yes, even if you are a new health coach.​ Transitioning clients to a new system is a pain so it’s much smarter to start them out in one place and avoid confusion down the road.

But you never want to jump into a new software or tool without trying it out first, so I’m super happy that Practice Better offers a 14-day free trial. Highly recommend going that route to see how powerful this can be for your business.

Here’s what it handles so you don’t have to:

  • Scheduling and appointment management
  • Online forms
  • Video sessions
  • Client notes
  • Billing
  • Payment plans
  • Client engagement
  • Online programs

..and more. They keep adding new features to meet the needs of health and wellness practitioners who would rather spend our time and energy with clients. (Not with administrative tasks, yeesh!)

I’ve found Practice Better to be a huge help in going above and beyond for clients – and it’s easy for them to use too. Think: appointment management, customizable food tracking, private feeds for client engagement, scheduled chat features, etc.

Core Features in Practice Better

Practice Better has a lot of great features, so I recommend setting them up one at a time. My first step was using it for client appointments. It was SO much more streamlined and put me in control of my calendar like never before. The best part? It syncs with my Google calendar (or iCal, or Outlook) so my personal life and business life work together seamlessly.

You’ve never seen so many flexible payment options for clients! This helps make your services accessible to all and ensure you get paid on time. Practice Better links to your Stripe or Square account, collects credit card information, offers payment plans at booking and include automated receipts, coupons and refunds.

Video Sessions
With their integrated, HIPAA-compliant Telehealth, you can launch secure one-to-one telehealth sessions directly from the mobile app or web browser without leaving the platform.

Mobile App
Practice Better offers you (and your clients) a mobile app so you can support clients no matter where you (or they) are. It really does make me laugh when I think back to the days when my paper client notes and calendar were sitting at home and I had no way to access them!

Features Worth Noting in Practice Better

Practice Better offers so much that I can’t possibly cover it all in one post. I’d encourage you to go and explore the features on their website if you want to dig in. Or, better yet, sign up for their free 14-day trial to take the features for a test drive.

In the meantime, there are a few features I would like to call out:

Online Programs
There are some great new features to Practice Better that make building and running programs a breeze. Considering that most online course platforms cost a pretty penny, having this built into Practice Better is a major cost savings – while keeping everything in your practice streamlined.

Some highlights:

    • Fixed date or evergreen programs – Run a program around a particular date, or hold ongoing enrollment, whichever suits your goals.
    • Self-paced programs – Clients can complete modules at their own pace. New content is unlocked when a client marks a module as completed.
    • Email-only programs – Creating email-only programs is now even easier thanks to the addition of email-only modules.
    • Quizzes – Tap into the power of quizzes to engage your program participants, help them retain important information, and assess their progress.
    • Sections and sub-modules – Use sections to organize content into easily digestible portions.
    • Archive, auto-archive and unregister – Reduce clutter by archiving completed programs and auto-archiving or unregistering participants after they complete your program.
    • Analysis and reporting – Track client progress, engagement, and the completion of forms, tasks, and quizzes.

Client Portal
The Practice Better Client Portal gives your clients everything they need to thrive, in one (HIPAA-compliant) place. Clients value having one consolidated place to track progress, find resources and communicate with their coach/practitioner.

Dispensary Integrations
Practice Better makes it super easy to share supplement ideas and let clients order them directly through the portal. You simply link your Fullscript, Wellevate, or WholeScripts account to the platform and you’re good to go.

Charting Templates
Practice Better offers a library of templates to save time crafting suggestions for your clients. These are templates that can be customized for your niche to be used over and over.

Apple Health Integration
Practice Better integrates with Apple Health to enable clients to sync important health data directly from connected sources (Apple Watch, Garmin, and Oura Ring) in the Health app directly to Practice Better’s Food and Lifestyle Journals.

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